Store database; Meat scale

Well it seems that missing every second post is becoming routine. That is unfortunate since it has not been my intention. I am sure you know how it goes when you start doing something thinking that you will only be a few minutes, then something else comes up, then something else, and so on, until at last you realize that an entire day is gone and you never did get around to what you had planned to do that morning. That is kind of what happened to me, with the exception of the fact that going to dinner, and watching a movie, with my wife will always come before updating this website. As for how I pissed the rest of the day away, you got me. I have written over the last several posts about the tagging of the store leading to a requisite SNAFU, not knowing exactly what course Continue reading Store database; Meat scale

Howard Stern held to different standards of decency than senators; Harry Potter

Skipped yesterday’s post, blah blah, no one noticed, blah blah, no reason why, blah blah. The truth is that I spent a bit of time first emailing a couple of people that I had not in some time, second, I was getting prepared for this years Vegas Vacation by playing a bit of video poker on I suppose neither of those things should be more important than what I am doing here, but wait, I am doing this site for my own enjoyment, so if I would enjoy doing something else more..Doesn’t that mean that I was obligated to not write anything here? I would have enjoyed it far less than the video poker, that would have made it seem like, well, work to do a post yesterday. That was never my intention. • One quick thing from the news that is just irritating me. So the vice president Continue reading Howard Stern held to different standards of decency than senators; Harry Potter

Technology at work

There was nothing posted yesterday, and when I thought about it I read the post from June 23rd, and sure enough I did say, “If I do not post tomorrow, check the registry of jails and prisons in Florence.” There was nothing of the sort that kept me from actually putting anything up, more that I was just tired and only looking to have a bite to eat when I got home. I read the news and all the sites on my list yesterday, but nothing would have motivated me to actually make a post. Just to clarify before I move on, I did not kill anyone, I am not in jail or prison, and anyone who is spreading those lies may be next on my list… Now for more discussion of the ‘Great Shelf Tag Adventure’. Yesterday we finsihed the tagging of the store, in theory. There are tags Continue reading Technology at work

Scanner database

The hard part of the changing wholesalers/tagging the store began today. Myself and five from the crew from New Mexico began at 8a.m. (an hour before the store opens), while the leader of their group was picking up yet another helper at the airport in Phoenix. It went just about as I had been expecting, perhaps dreading. We finished the straight price changes early in the morning, within the first hour, then it was on to the more difficult task. Each of the guys that was on their team was going through the aisles and putting tags for items that were of a similar size/pack/price on the shelf (turned sideways so that we could easily spot them) after which I had to begin going up and down the aisles doing new item scans with the hand set. While going through the aisles I did have to check to make sure Continue reading Scanner database

Tagging the store

Today brought about the beginning of a pretty monumental task at work. We are changing wholesale sources, and as such we are having to change every single shelf tag in the entire store. That, in and of itself, is not so bad really, just swapping a tag for a tag. What is really making the process so monumental is that we are having to replace all of our ‘Store Brand’ items with different store brands. The part of the process that we were doing today was the easy part, we were just switching out old price/order labels with the ones from the new distributor. This was just on the national products. So they had six guys swapping out tags and writing price changes on the products so that I could scan them with our hand-held device to upload the new price to the cash register. I am not new to Continue reading Tagging the store


As the title would seem to indicate, it has been a day since the events that transpired yesterday. While I am still far from happy about the outcome of events yesterday I am also a very realistic person. All of the random events that happened yesterday could have happened to anyone, yet they didn’t happen to anyone, they happened to me. Is this the hand of god trying to smite me, but always a step behind, or is this the reason that I just do not like to leave the house? The cars called “Jaguar” have been the butt of many jokes over the years. I say this knowing that the cars called Toyota have been the butt of even worse jokes. This Car is very much like the one that I had to ride in yesterday. The fluff certainly makes it sound nice, yet, the fact is that it Continue reading Jaguar

Restaurants; jaguars

I am not even going to mention yesterday’s missed post. If you care enough to be unhappy about that, go ahead and Shoot me an email. One other thing to mention before I get into bitching today is that it is Flux’s birthday. Flux being the guy that runs that website over at and who also handles a lot of the stuff over at, and whose site layout I completely ripped off when setting up this site. I knew that his birthday was close on the calendar to mine, but I did not know the date. Now I do, and as it happens I sent him a Terry Pratchett book a couple of weeks ago (totally unrelated to his birthday) which I will call a gift to him for both his birthday and the multiple times he has helped me with issues regarding my own site. It is Continue reading Restaurants; jaguars

Steakhouse and Deadly Rooms of Death

As anyone who has read this site at all would expect, I went ahead and played some more of that silly DROD game, both yesterday and today. For similar reasons you would also know that whatever board was just “absolutely impossible” yesterday was easily overcome with a bit of thought. As well as a couple of other boards that I had been stuck on for a while. It is for that reason that I will not go into any detail of the particular board that has me stuck currently, since that will be a non issue by the time I post again, at least to follow the trend. • The wife and I went out to dinner tonight, which is kind of unusual on a Friday night, but not unheard of. The place that we went to was “Yolanda’s Chuckwagon”. I would love to give you a link to a Continue reading Steakhouse and Deadly Rooms of Death

Deadly Rooms of Death; Politics

So yesterday brought about another late day at work, thus nothing new posted here. As usual I was not aware that it was going to be a late day until halfway through my shift. Since that is normally the case I guess it would be a bit senseless to bitch about it. After all, I have been working there for damn near ten years, if I were that annoyed by it I would surely have found a different job by now, right? As for the day at work today, it sucked and I hated it, thanks for asking. Not that it really sucked, or that I really hated it, but that I spent the extra hours at work last night using a scraper to remove excess was and dirt build-up from the edges of some of the tiles on the aisles that get a lot of traffic. I was pretty Continue reading Deadly Rooms of Death; Politics


So I didn’t post anything yesterday, yet that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise since I barely banged one out on sunday, and even then forgot to change my side-bar posts. It is not as if there is any real good reason why I just suddenly skip them, just sometimes I do not feel like it. That is a liberty that I have since there is absolutely no reason for me to do this site. There is no monetary obligation, no moral consciousness that I am overlooking if I skip. This site is purely for my amusement. As evidenced by my readership being in the very low single digits. That all could be content driven of course, but as I have no content how will I ever know? I have been reading a lot of news over the last few days. I must be doing something while I am Continue reading Abortion