The memes

I have never actually taken part in any of the memes that all of the bloggers do, this time I really wanted to. Mostly since I want to answer the questions that Flux put up as The evil meme of four. I figure I should answer the questions from the original meme before I do that though, so here it is. Four jobs you’ve had in your life: Dish Machine Operator (that is what the place actually called the position, I guess they just didn’t want me to feel like a lowly dishwasher. Keep that in mind as I try to glorify the rest of them), Petroleum Exchange Technician (I pumped gas in Oregon where there is no self service), My current job, being butcher/stocker/cashier/manager/handyman/plumber/electrician/anything else you can think of at a family owned grocery store, Vice President in charge of frozen confection marketing, sales and distribution (while I technically Continue reading The memes

So you think YOU have weird neighbors?

I am far from what would be considered an average, normal neighbor, come to think of it I don’t think there really are any average, normal neighbors. I may think someone is a nutjob based solely on the fact that he decorates his yard with old beer cans, while he would think I was a nutjob because I don’t. It is all very subjective…Usually. I always thought that the woman who lived a couple of houses down from me while I was growing up was weird, just because she was a bit of a recluse and had roughly 14 million cats. As the years have passed I realize that that is just standard old lady behavior, perhaps a bit eccentric but completely normal when put on the giant pie chart of old ladies. There was another guy a block or so over from us (I think I wrote about this Continue reading So you think YOU have weird neighbors?

You load sixteen tons…

The best part of my job is that no two days are ever the same. Sure everyone makes that same claim, but in my case it is totally true. I am a butcher, in theory, but I have to do all of the stocking of the milk, beer, perishables, and just whatever the hell happens to come into the store. That is just in the first couple of hours that I am there though, after that it can get interesting. When I first started working there, back in 1994, whenever something would go wrong with plumbing/electrical/you-name-it, they would call someone to come and fix it. Now I am that someone. I have learned a lot of skills during my time at this job, skills that will likely make it a lot easier for me to find another job should I go looking for one. I never knew that I was Continue reading You load sixteen tons…

Football fun

Living in the Phoenix area can really suck the enjoyment out of football. At least if you happen to be the type that like to root for the home team. I don’t really give a rat’s ass about the Cardinals though, I have always been a Cowboys fan. That began to change about the time that the receivers were featured more often on the 5 o’clock news for drug possession than yardage. Prior to this morning I had watched less than one complete half of a game all season. The matchups have just sucked all year. Not that today’s matchups should have been any better. My viewing options were the 4-9 Cardinals @ 2-11 Texans, or the 8-5 Chargers @ undefeated Indy. I wouldn’t have watched either of them except I happened to check the scores at the half to see that the Cardinals were losing (as always) but Indy Continue reading Football fun

Probably a mistake

In case you didn’t notice, I took a couple of weeks off on the blogging. I didn’t have anything to write so when I tried to put something together it was obviously forced. You know it must be some bottom of the barrel crap if I think it is too bad to post, I mean look at what I do post. I have also been playing a lot of Guild Wars lately. That game simply kicks ass. It is also an enormous timesink. You can’t really just pop into it for a ten minute goodie run, well you could but not looking for anything actually good. Once your ass hits the seat you are in it for at least an hour, probably a lot longer. The reason for that is the cooperative missions. There are missions that can’t possibly be done solo, some that require precise party formations to be Continue reading Probably a mistake