Well, it has been a while since I have thrown anything up over here, so here goes. Being unemployed is a lot of work. I have been taking the time to do some stuff around the house that I should have done years ago. Not little things like taking out the trash either, I am talking major construction projects. In the past week or so I have re-tiled the floor in the Arizona room, replaced the plumbing in the entire house, installed a garbage disposal, installed a new water purifier, added electrical outlets in the kitchen, replaced rotting lumber under the kitchen sink, replaced the kitchen sink, installed a new vanity, faucet and medicine cabinet in the bathroom, replaced the light fixture there as well, re-tiled the floor in half of the bathroom as well as painting it, removed the tile and old lumber from around the bathtub, put new Continue reading Untitled

Burning bridges

Well, I always knew that it was going to happen eventually. Today became that day. After yet another bitching session at work, I grabbed my cigarettes and walked out the door. I doubt I will ever walk through those doors again. That answers the question though. It turns out that I can be treated like a doormat for about twelve years before I have had enough. Or, to be more precise, I can be treated like a doormat for about three months without using alcohol as an escape. Now I know. Time to start looking for another job.

If you could only see

While on my way to Coolidge today I was flipping through the radio stations looking for one that didn’t have a commercial on. That is usually a fruitless effort as there seems to be some sort of FCC rule that they all go on commercial break at the same time, that or the stations do it on purpose since you are less likely to switch the station if they are all on commercial break. I got no idea. Imagine my surprise to find that there was actually a song playing on Mix 96.9 the best mix of the ’80’s, ’90’s and today. It happened to be the Whitesnake song Here I Go Again, which I was a huge fan of back in the day. I cranked the radio up to 28 (that is not an exaggeration. For some reason these new-fangled stereos don’t think 10 is a high enough number), Continue reading If you could only see