The luck of the donkey

Usually when I get to the showdown in hold ’em, if the other guy has triple or quadruple the stack that I do I will just give it up. It really isn’t worth the time to try to fight my way back, especially since I am already in the money. I thought I did that today, but instead of calling me all in, the guy left me with $40 in chips -to his stack of $13,460. Why? I gots no idea. I didn’t even have enough chips to make the blind at that point, so I was all in on the next hand. And the hand after. And the hand after. I just had to take a screenshot of it, this is simply unbelievable luck: I doubled up on five consecutive hands, then went on to win a total of eleven in a row. I took the lead away from Continue reading The luck of the donkey

The things aging rockers say

I was taking in reruns of the vh1 special the history of hard rock, not to be confused with the history of heavy metal(which I also watched), or the history of rock & roll(which wasn’t on this weekend), if you asked me why I was watching at it, I would stare at you blankly for a few minutes before finally admitting that I didn’t know. Stupid shows and their stupid luring you in by counting backwards! So as the countdown got down to the top five I was pretty sure who was going to be in it, just not sure how they were going to be ordered. It is vh1 after all, it was entirely possible that Led Zepplin could lose to the Backstreet Boys, thankfully that didn’t happen. When they started doing celebrity clips about Nirvana, I laughed really hard when they got to the clip from C. C. Continue reading The things aging rockers say

Fear the donkey!

I managed to win three poker tournaments yesterday. They were of three different monetary buy-in values, one was $1, one was $3 and one was $5. The prize awards were 10.50, 15.00, and 22.50 respectively. In these low dollar tournaments I am now able to finish in the money about half of the time, actually winning maybe 20% of those, so not like I am going to make a career out of it or anything. Funny thing happened in one of the games though. There were 8 out of 9 players remaining when I got dealt a pair of aces. I checked to get into the pot but didn’t bet at all, I didn’t want to scare any of the other guys out of it. When the flop brought up another ace and two low cards (none of them suited) I knew that I had them beat, but I still Continue reading Fear the donkey!

Fun with numerology

As I was reading through my Bathroom Reader today, I happened across a little thing about numerology. I had never thought of the possibility that the number of the house you live in could have a great impact on your life because, well, they are really just assigned arbitrary numbers in an ascending or descending fashion and have nothing whatsoever to do with you. Then there is the fact that most people live with families, thus meaning that the number would be the same for every one of them. At any rate, you are supposed to add up all the numbers in the address and continue doing so until you get a single digit. For example 11455 adds up to 16, which then adds up to seven. I started to think of the houses that I have lived in over the years, or at least the ones that I can Continue reading Fun with numerology


I have been working on a new Arthur Witles story. In this one I have decided that it is time for Witles and Ampere to tackle a tough issue: God. Not God in the sense that you or I would think of it, but God in the sense that a written character would think of it. After all, the characters would not exist were it not for me writing about them. I am having a lot of fun writing this one. The story was going to be about how Ampere met his wife, but as I began to write the story I went back and read over the dialogue that was supposedly spoken while our heroes were in peril and realized that I had them speaking as though they were at a cocktail party. I found that pretty humorous. Here is an excerpt: It was a lazy afternoon. Well, not Continue reading Witles

Even more on poker

I have been playing an occasional sit and go (SNG) games at Poker Stars over the last couple of months. What I have found especially odd is that when playing in real money games the level of play actually seems lower than in the play money games. I am not sure if there are actually people out there who have seen Texas Hold ‘Em on T.V. and assume they know how to play, so they just jump right into the real money games or what, but the competition just seems lacking –and that isn’t because I am some sort of an expert player. I have now played in about ten of these tournaments, all at the $10 + $1 table, and have been playing pretty well. Unfortunately my best finish is second place, as evidenced by the image below: Second place isn’t so bad, especially considering the frequency with which Continue reading Even more on poker

Well, I thought it was funny anyway

I go to the site a couple of times to look at their recent photos. A lot of them are really funny, but not funny in a way that I could post here (since when do I have standards?). I found this one to be particularly amusing, cause it just has to be true or the guy who had it done would never have thought it up: The only problem with the boners website is that it can go from a cute little picture like that to something that is SO not safe for work with just a little click of the ‘next’ button. Keep that in mind if you ever check out the site.

Achieving goals

I have been playing Guild Wars a lot since Factions was released. One of the things that the new expansion game offers is titles. There are many different titles that can be achieved; explorer titles, PvP titles, skill hunter titles, and many others. After reading about the titles, I saw one called survivor and thought that it would probably be the most difficult to achieve, therefore I decided that I simply had to do it. All you have to do to earn the title of Survivor is make it to level 20 (the highest character level in the game) without ever dying. Having played hardcore characters back in the Diablo II days, I figured I would be able to do this without much of a problem, but(that needs to be a bigger but) BUT there are a few key differences between Guild Wars and Diablo II that I didn’t take Continue reading Achieving goals

Thoughts on Factions

The game was released a couple of weeks ago, and of course I was on board and playing it the day it came out, well the day before it came out since it was pre-ordered. I have been holding off on making any comments about it because I wanted to take the time to play some parts of it through a couple of times. Now that I have done that, I will start with the random observations about the game. First, the beginning of the game is entirely too easy. I can understand the need for a beginners section, as this is a standalone game there will be a lot of gamers playing it that have never played the original. The problem with the ease of the beginning is the difficulty of the rest of the game. It is entirely possible to plug along and do all the quests and Continue reading Thoughts on Factions

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

There is this little church down the street from where I live, well the one I am thinking about is actually across town -not the one that is actually right next door. I drive by it every day, yet have failed to note exactly what religion it is affiliated with, not that it matters I suppose -at least not for my purposes this morning. This little church has one of those lighted billboards that is right on the highway, what would pass for a highway in a town this small at any rate. The message that is up on the little board can vary from trying to be thought provoking “What if God is waiting on a sign from us?”, to just plain humorous “Git ‘R Done for Jesus” (that was on display while Country Thunder was in town. Whoever it is that puts the little messages up on that Continue reading Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs