Arthur Witles

I used to consider myself a writer. I guess more technically correct is that I used to consider myself a good writer. I have since learned that this may not be the case. I have written a lot of short stories and even a couple of novels that just absolutely sucked so bad they were never completely finished. So born out of pure frustration is the character I like to call Arthur Witles (careful how you say it).

Like everything else I had ever written, I thought this was just absolutely brilliant at the time. Like everything else I have ever written, I now realize that is very poorly written, yet, for some unknown reason lots of people seem to enjoy reading it. I guess when the goal of a story is to use impossible scenarios and dry humor to make jokes the readers are far less critical.

My point is that I am not really sure why people do enjoy these stories, but as long as people seem to enjoy them, I will likely continue to enjoy writing them. I currently have written a total of six of these stories, unfortunately I have copies of only three of them. Well I have copies of the other three also, they are just locked up inside a corrupted 3.5″ floppy, and lost to the world.

When I had the Arthur Witles website hosted through geocities, I sent copies of the rest of the stories to just about anyone who asked me for them. If you are one of those people, and still happen to have the stories in an old email, or elsewhere on your machine, I would sure like to have them. I have since began the process of rewriting them from memory, and though I do remember the plots of the stories, I am sure that I have lost a lot of the tidbits of humor that I had thrown in.

To the stories! (well story for now, and totally unedited from original)

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