Bush, Kerry, and Bishops

I really thought that I hated Dubya just based on his policies. I really thought that his policies were just following the norm of the extremely kooky religious right, then I took This Test, which is a test for Catholics to see who they should vote for, in theory.

Wow! All this time I was thinking that Dubya was working on a religious/political agenda, but it turns out that your average Christian doesn’t like him any more than I do. These are, of course, my stats from that little test, and I answered them honestly and this is what I got. If you actually take the test yourself, the questions are a bit weird and some of them are baited, but you will get the idea.

I did not try to answer them in a pro-conservative or pro-liberal way, I just answered the questions truthfully. I think that I scored well with the ‘Bishops’ since I really don’t care for the death penalty, yet, I scored badly with them since I don’t really care for abortion, BUT, it is your body and the decision should be yours and yours alone.

Towards the end of their little survey, they have something about ‘global solidarity’. I am pretty sure that this is where the ‘Dubya Lovers’ are going to get screwed. The thing that no one ever talks about is the fact that the U.S.A. and Russia still both have weapons of mass destruction…Weapons that could wipe all life off of the planet in just one hit, that is if the other guy fired his off…

While the ‘peace talks’, and all of that kind of rhetoric, look great on T.V., it does not change the fact that the U.S.A. and Russia still have the power to wipe any trace of human existance off of the face of the earth. If the U.S.A., or Russia, decide that they are tired of dealing with say South Korea, for instance. The missle would fly and South Korea would be the biggest parking lot in the Asian community.

I certainly don’t want to sound preachy, nor do I want to excuse the actions of the current administration. The simple fact is that the U.S.A. has more ‘Weapons of mass destruction’ than any other nation on earth. If NATO were to take a step back and look at the big picture, NATO would realize that the U.S.A. is trying to ‘bully’ other countries into doing what we want. The fact that the current administration will not report to NATO, or conform to standards set by the Geneva Convention, tells me that it is going to get a lot worse before it even hopes to get better.

It is pretty clear that the current administration does not think about the future (like twenty years in the future), It would be pretty nice if they were to think it through at least until next Thursday.

Dubya is leading us down a road to where we are going to be hated by every country on earth. Kerry might never be able to dig us out of it, but he is certainly not going to grab a shovel and dig us deeper.

No Politics, damn it! Someone tell the RNC that I don’t care for politics, especially manipulative politics. I would rather lick my own ass than talk about this, but this is all that is in the news.

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