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First I just want to mention that I updated the music lost to history feature on the side bar. The previous song that I had on there just went so extremely long with my comments that I felt compelled to write more than I wanted to to try to make the actual text of the site at least as long as the side bar. That led to a lot of half-assed stuff towards the end of the posts. Sort of like adding the “very, very, very, very much” to your report to make it meet the minimum number of words. Also I recently listened to the Megadeth song Hook in Mouth again recently and it was not nearly as cool as I remembered it. Not that the Alice Cooper one that replaced it has been nominated for any awards either.

• When I log on to the internet I go through a little routine. First to check my local email, then to check the website email. After that is done I go to BlackChampagne to check for updates, as he can be as erratic as me when it comes to a posting schedule. The next click is only a few days a week that I go and check out the frequency of my visiting that site has dwindled down to almost nothing as the content no longer seems to matter by the time it is posted, I do still enjoy the guest articles on occasion. Once I have done all of that, I start to do my “real reading”, that is reading for the sake of finding things to spark my interest and make me want to write a post. Political Animal is the next site that I visit. It is a liberal political blog that often has a lot of interesting information both on it and linked to from it. After that there are numerous news sites that I will hit looking for something to set me off. By now I am sure that you are wondering what the hell all of this has to do with anything. I will get to it soon enough.

Today on the aforementioned political blog site, I saw this particular headline, “CLICK THIS….Via Unfogged, Microsoft has been granted a patent on double clicking.” Now that really seemed to be just a tad unbelievable, and as I found out with a quick news search, it was. Not that I can fault anyone for linking to sites that don’t quite have the whole story, especially when the story is just breaking, but in this case it just seemed wrong. From what I was able to understand about the actual patent that was issued it was about portable devices, such as PDA’s and the software’s ability to recognize very specific actions done with the user interface. It seems to have absolutely nothing to do with a mouse, as the headline would lead you to believe, whether that was the intention of the author or not. That is exactly the reason why I mentioned that I do go and read news sites before I post anything here, I do not want to go into a rant about a half-assed rumor, as I certainly would have done on this issue had I not educated myself a bit about it before I started writing a post.

• Tomorrow is the sixth of June, besides the obvious reason that people will remember the date, that being that it is the date in the fabled song Convoy by C.W. McCall, it is also my other brother’s birthday. No, they were not twins that were born an agonizing 48 hours of labor apart, they were actually born three years apart, the fact that their birthdays are only two days apart just means that ma and pa were often frisky in September, while my birthday is in july it seems that the friskiness kept on for a month or so. In the interest of journalistic integrity (or something), I just called my mother (at damn near ten p.m.) to ask if the september date might coincide with their wedding anniversary (a fact I would likely know had they not divorced when I was like seven) and it turns out their anniversary is actually in August. So my next assumption was that September was when children go away to school, but as the oldest brother would only have been two when the other brother was conceived that theory went down faster than Monica Lewinski.

Also, the sixth of June is the anniversary of “D-Day”, when the beaches were over-run at Normandy and the tide of WWII began to change, thus leading to the eventual defeat of Hitler. All that is fascinating reading, and likely great for the world as a whole, but had it not been for C.W. McCall’s song “Convoy”, we likely would never have had the movie Smokey and the Bandit. Now you just have to ask yourself which was more important, the fall of Nazi Germany and the end of World War 2, or the release of Smokey and the Bandit. I have made my choice…

• Now that I have exposed myself as the trailer trash that I am, which is unfortunate as I never really called a trailer a dwelling for long, I guess I must move on to bigger and better things. Of course having nothing bigger or better to move on to, I will just continue with the same mindless dribble you have grown accustomed to. That being puppy stories.

Now that the Zelda puppy has overcome her previous problem, she has gone right back to the intimidation/ass-kicking thing that she is known for. Yes, she is constantly whipping Warlock’s ass, despite the fact that he outweighs her by a good twenty pounds. Of course he doesn’t have any testicles, but still, he outweighs her by like 1/3rd. He is about fifty-sixty pounds while she is in the 30-40 pound range. I suppose if Warlock had some male dogs as peers he would be a bit more interested in trying to win the fights as it would look really bad for any male entity to get their ass kicked by a girl that is smaller than them (unless they know martial arts), but man, it is usually ‘no contest’ type stuff. He will just admit defeat and run away. He then will lay down to sleep in a closet or under a desk (as he is currently) so that mean old Zelda can’t come and beat him up again. Of course after the death matches (where no death is involved, so that might not be the appropriate term), they can be seen licking tongues within five minutes. Strange thing the differences in interaction between humans and interaction of animals.

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