I did spend a lot of time last night trying to get something on this site, I made some good headway, then a freak power surge shut my pc down. I had not saved it as I was typing, as I never do, and it is lost to history even more so than the songs that I list on the sidebar with that same title. There is no way that I am ever going to get that content back since it only existed in my mind and what I typed. My mind kind of unloads and becomes what I type and after that I would not know my own writing from anyone elses unless you actually told me which was which.

I was not at all that confident that the computer shutting down was a direct result of the power surge, so I ran a few programs on it once I got it back online. I ran an anti-virus, Ad Aware, then did a scan disk to make sure I didn’t have any system problems. My system came out pretty clean, with the exception of some spyware that I got while trying to download an mp3 file to put in the sidebar.

I think that I really need to make two commitments here, the first that I should make sure that any link that you click on through this site will not result in all that spy-ware garbage. I do scan all of the files that I put up here, but the links I only click through on my own system, if they do have any garbage files like that then I have them too. The second is that I should commit myself to not try to do a blog (that is the first time that I have used the term blog in direct reference to what I am doing here, BTW) on Wednesday, since I get off work late enough that I can not really spend enough time on it to make it worth reading…Whether any of these are worth reading is certainly Open to debate.

On a personal note, the medical problems seem to continue. I have talked so much about the pain in my neck that I don’t really even feel the need to link to an instance here. Now my neck appears to be just fine, but out of nowhere I have a ringing in my left ear that I can not explain. It is constant. You would kind of have to be in my body to know what I am talking about, I can still hear out of the ear, it is just this like buzzing kind of thing going on. I haven’t been to a really loud concert in months and this is an all-of-a-sudden type of thing that makes me wonder if whatever I did to tweak my neck could be involved in this new problem.

The only up-side that I can find to this new, weird, ear-ringing thingy is that if it persists I will be able to go to concerts and just point the ringing ear to the stage. What could possibly happen? It will ring worse? No problem, I still have a good ear. I have no doubt that, like my neck, this is a very temporary thing that will soon go away, but as of today it is something that I noticed.

I came up with a new song to put on the sidebar for the ‘Music lost to history’ thing, and I went to search it out last night. That was the entire reason that I ran all of the tests on my system once it came back online. I thought that some of the crap that I had downloaded might have resulted in my pc shutting down when a minor power surge hit. That has turned out to be a completely false assumption.

Sometime while dealing with that whole ordeal, trying to get my pc going again, I thought of another song that I really wanted to put on that side bar. The thing is that I actually have the playable mp3 of this one, which must be illegal, else they wouldn’t be busting kids for downloading songs, right, right? Leave that for the lawyers. I will get that one posted within the next few days with a very modified name.

Well, I have yet to die, but I assume that people will be pissing on my grave by the end of the day. I am not trying to make it as such, I am just ‘calling things like I see them’. Tomorrow will be a day that is totally different, and not related, to today so the hope is that someone will actually read the post that I make before I change it to be more politically correct.

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