Well there was nothing new posted here yesterday. I am likely the only one in the world that knows this, save my wife and a friend or two. I would love to throw up a glorious reason why that happened, but there just isn’t one. I started to update my Archive page, which required skimming over most all of the posts that I have made then typing brief descriptions of each. That took a hell of a lot longer than I thought it would since I had not done it since, oh, about my 9th post.

I was also trying to get another Arthur Witles story done. Well, I was trying to get a completed story online anyway, but I found myself trying to redo it as I went. That led to the first page being as long as the entire story was. That was really not what I was going for when I started to do the Arthur Witles stories. The stories were all written in under an hour, and when I found that I was spending so much time trying to make it ‘just so’, that it had already taken thrice the original writing time I decided to scrap that. There are a lot of issues with all of my Arthur Witles stories, questions that I will ask myself at the end (after reading it, not writing it) some things just do not mesh. I actually found those little quirks to be pretty funny when I did a first reading of the stories, but they were all done on a typewriter, and it is pretty tough to edit that sort of media once it is complete.

I did get that particular Arthur Witles Story posted, and the only editing that was done on it was making Witles blow bubbles through his pipe as opposed to smoking tobacco through it. I did not realize that I had stories where both of those occured. I tried to style him a bit after Sherlock Holmes, but I didn’t want him to be puffing tobacco, yet I somehow had given him a real pipe in some stories and a bubble pipe in others.

There are so many issues with the Arthur Witles stories, that I am just not going to even try to go into them here. Okay, I will just mention a few, for fun. He is supposed to be modeled after Sherlock Holmes(maybelock houses) who lived, in theory, in the late 1800’s. He has supposedly had little input other than books that he reads regarding pathology and forensics, yet for some reason, I seem to forget that it is him speaking and his speech may come out with terms that are very contemporary, he is also using contractions that were not available in that time. He is living in this time, so he would likely have gotten those terms from everyday life, it just seems to me to be a bit silly that he uses contemporary terms almost interchangibly with period terms.

There are a lot of other issues about Witles that I really don’t care for, but I am going to stop talking about them, since I really do want you to read the damn stories. I just know that I could certainly write them a lot better today than I could ten years (or so) ago when I first made the character. In fact, I don’t think that I have progressed enough as a writer to try to do anything other than a humorous character like Witles. There seems to be as big an audience for a two-hour-read humorous paperback as for a two-week-read serious novel. If I can just get my characters defined enough that I can tell who is talking I may be in business.

I got yet another email! That has to be like, what, 5 since this site was created! Eat your heart out CNN.com.I will get back to that email at some point, as it was something that I really would like to bitch about, the subject more so than point.

Time is up, day is done. more tomorrow?

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