Clocktower 3; Relatives

Well, I had a run going for a while where I was actually doing an update every day, even on days when I got off work late, and may have been better off to not do one. Then just out of nowhere I miss two updates in a weekend. Not that it really matters, I mean I am not sure if there is any point to this site at all, I guess if anything it is just sort of a watered down journal, I mean it is not like I am going to put anything too private up here, just in case someone actually does happen to mis-type an address badly enough that they end up here.

There were two major driving factors in why I missed doing an update yesterday, the first is another video game that the wife bought for me. The game is ClockTower3, I also went and found a trailer for it, but it is a download thing and I don’t want to link to it from here, but let me say that the trailer is really pretty cool, if you have the time to do a quick google search for it (clocktower 3 trailer). It is not the type of game that is for everyone. There are a lot of movie sequences compared to how much you are in control of the character. But, when you are in control it does make your heart pound a bit as you are trying to get far enough away from the killer to hide. I really like the game, though I may be the only one on the entire internet that does.

This game might work better as a movie, but that would require removing choice, and making it into a movie, which was not the goal. The artwork is beautiful, the cut-scenes tell the story, and it is just your goal to stay alive and reveal it all. I played the first ‘Clocktower’ and it was a bit cheesy with the cartoonish graphics and inability to use certain objects when you really need to. The third installment of this game is really cool. I doubt that there is any replay value at all, unless, of course, you just want to see if you can beat your previous best time to find your way to the end.

Meet the Relatives:

Through the random fluctuations of time and space, it has become possible for me to have a dinner with my dad’s twin sister, and one of my other Aunts tommorrow night. It was really quite a production to get all of the schedules set to where we could meet at a restaurant at the same time, but we overcame that obstacle and will be dining tommorrow night at roughly this time.

These are people that I have not seen since my dad’s funeral (back in 1990) and I can hardly remember a few of the people that are going to be there. I am happy about the thought of seeing them all again, but unsure as to how much I will enjoy it. As I said, these are people that I have not seen in more than a decade, and even back then we didn’t exactly exchange secrets. Dad would take us to visit these people just long enough for us to learn their names and then we were gone.

I know that we seemed to visit his twin sister a lot more than the rest of his sisters, but I don’t know why. Similarly, I don’t know if some of the other siblings had something against my father that they will continue to hold against his offspring. Perhaps this is why families just do not get together as often as they should. Your family is, after all, a part of your heritage, a part of what makes you be, well you, really.

After dinner tommorrow, I may be able to offer a bit more insight into this, but for now I am just not sure enough to venture an opinion.

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