Help my wife make money for breast cancer

Every year my wife does the annual Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk here in Phoenix. Her mother passed away from breast cancer a few years ago, so it is something that she feels pretty strongly about. I also like the ta-ta’s, but my job keeps me from making the walk; I settle for a nominal donation to her.

She is doing her fund raising exclusively online this year, and I wanted to pass that link on to some people at work, unfortunately the web address to make a donation to her is: “”. Since I know that some people will have to actually write the link down, I decided I would just throw a link to it up here, ’cause is easier to remember than

So here is that difficult to copy and paste link in a handy, clickable format.

Please go and donate…Or I curse you to experience homosexual desires the next time you see bare breasts!

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