A picture is worth 463 words (I know it should be a thousand, but I had to bitch a little)

I told myself I was going to just post the screenshot, not write anything at all, but I just can’t do it.

Whenever you get dealt Kings, it has to be in the back of your mind that someone else at the table could have aces. All you can do is put in a fairly large bet to try to chase out anyone playing with the two gappers that will bite you in the ass on the river. If no one reraises you preflop, and there aren’t any face cards on the flop, you just have to assume that you are way ahead. When he flips over the aces to send you home, all you can do is curse the poker gods and wish that you had heeded the warning signs. The warning signs in this case: I had Kings, of course someone else has aces. It doesn’t even qualify as a bad beat since I was never actually ahead, I just thought I was. In fact, it wouldn’t even be mentioned here if not for the way that it shook down:

The guy with aces really can’t call it a bad beat either, ’cause the chips went in on the flop. The guy with aces bet 5x preflop, and I doubled it. The big blind had to call 500 (1/3 of his stack) to see the flop. How in the hell did he make that call?

Ah well, you just have to laugh. ‘Cause the only other option involves an assault rifle, a bell tower, a laser sight, and lots of innocent people.

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