I played in the WWDN invitational and all I got was this lousy T-shirt

I played in the WWDN invitational again tonight. This is the highest stake game that I generally play in, and it is just a ten dollar buy in. I did okay I suppose. Unfortunately, I was playing a bit scared at the beginning, and most of that was because Hoyazo was at my table, and I knew that any play I made was likely to end up on his blog. Yes, fear of being embarrassed, that is definitely the way to play poker!

I finished the thing in 21st place out of 72, which would bring my average finish to somewhere in the low 20s I think. I still think that is pretty good when you consider just who the competition is at that event. They are mostly all poker bloggers, and not just bloggers that happen to play poker like me; they are mostly poker players who happen to blog. Of course I don’t think ten bucks is nearly as much money to them as it is to me, so they also might not be bringing their A game, but who knows.

Speaking of Hoy, I am watching him in the bracelet race on Full Tilt, where he is currently 6th out of 19 remaining. Top three win WSOP prize packs. Best of luck to him!

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