So, you know that rambling post that I popped up here yesterday? It turns out that it was a good thing, I think.

During the course of the job interview today the guy asked me, quite specifically, what the most important qualities were for a supervisor. That was still fresh in my head from what I wrote yesterday, so unless I am completely wrong about the qualities, they should be impressed with how quickly I named the qualities along with very specific reasons why.

This is speculation, of course, so I will not go into any more detail. I will only say that this was the most comfortable I have ever been at a job interview. That I was familiar with all aspects of the business, and was able to answer questions specific to the industry. And I also don’t look half bad in a dress shirt and tie. I may not look like a million bucks, but a buck-o-five for sure.

P.s. Because the place is a financial institution I was required to take a math test as well. I missed one of the questions, and it really irks me. The question was “If an item costs $69.95 and you give the customer a 20% discount, what will the customer’s total be?” I answered it $55.95, the answer should have been $55.96. That is what I get for subtracting 10% twice instead of subtracting 20% once. At any rate, they didn’t seem all that concerned since this was the only one that I missed. I sure hope that this minor rounding error doesn’t weigh too heavily in their decision.

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