So as I was walking to the bank today, a monumental journey of about a block, I happened to walk past someone who was jogging, no shit.

I have always walked really fast, in fact if I am with anyone else I have to slow my normal pace quite a bit. Still, I walked past someone that was jogging. Isn’t the point of jogging supposed to be to move at a speed that falls somewhere between walking and running?

I am sure there are health benefits to any sort of physical activity, certainly for those whose only exercise otherwise would be walking to their car, then their desk, then back to their car, then to the couch. Does slowly jogging have any more effect on you than walking quickly? Seriously, I want to know this. She was not lifting her legs high as she went, not running on her toes (a friend tells me that running on your toes helps to build the muscles in your calves), she was just jogging along with strides about 1/3 of my normal walking ones.

It really isn’t my place to question the way someone exercises, of course I have never let that stop me before! Though really I just want to know if jogging slow is somehow better for your body than walking fast.

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