Stupid teen ruins it for everyone

I must admit that when I was in my teens I would often fantasize about having sex with one of my friend’s Mother. Of course nothing came of it, not that I didn’t try, I even busted out the “I don’t bite either but I swing a pretty mean tongue” line. Still she wouldn’t succumb to my blatant sexual advances. She missed out on the greatest thirty seconds of her life.

But enough about me.

It seems that one mother was into fulfilling fantasies. She invited all the boys over for parties with alcohol, drugs, and sex! The trifecta! I am not sure that it is such a good idea to be giving the juveniles drugs, probably not alcohol either, for those offenses she should be punished, but the sex?

Johnson, who is free on bail, held parties for the boys almost weekly between October 2003 and October 2004, authorities said. She was accused of providing drugs and alcohol to eight boys and having sex with five of them.

Seriously now, those boys are in their teens, they have probably tried to masturbate with anything that they find laying around that has a hole in it. They have probably tried to buy sex from girls in their neighborhood, maybe even ruined an apple pie or two, who knows. Then someone just offers them sex, what are they gonna do? Damn right they are gonna take it. They don’t care if they have to fight off the crabs with a machete or scrape the puss away before they dive in, it is sex, the ‘Holy Grail’ of the teen boy.

As per usual, one of the kids had a big mouth and screwed it up for everybody.

Police said the investigation began after one of the boys told his mother about the encounters, and she reported it to authorities.

I’m sure that these boys have been traumatized by the experience, you know the no strings attached sex with an older woman. They are probably shells of the boys they used to be. That or they are so giddy about the whole experience that they went back for more every week for a whole damn year. I am pretty sure that the sex was consensual, if anyone was coerced into it it was likely not the boys.

Supplying drugs and alcohol to the kids was pretty stupid, but not unheard of. Better judgment could have been used there. But the sex, I am all for it. The woman did nothing more than give them what they wanted, is that such a crime (well I mean it is a crime, I was meaning that to be rhetorical).

An aside about teens and drinking. In my High School one student died as a result of driving drunk. The parents of the rest of the students decided that the best way to keep that from happening again would be to host (supervise really) the parties that they knew were going to occur (homecoming night and the such). There was alcohol at the parties, no illegal drugs though, and everyone in attendance was forced to surrender their car keys upon entering. Everyone had to stay in the designated house the entire night. The parents that were hosting the party had to get notice, in writing, from the parents’ of each of the teens in attendance. There were no more deaths due to drunk driving while I was in High School.

That plan (even though I doubt whether it was actually legal, yet everyone knew they were doing it, including the police) had the major problem of requiring the kids to tell their parents that they would be drinking, then the parents had to sign a paper allowing it. No one in my group would dare to tell their parents they would be drinking, much less ask for their approval. Instead we would just take our beer out into the wilderness (there is much of that in Oregon) to get wasted while camping out. In retrospect I am pretty sure that our parents knew what we were up to but thought it better that we do it while camping out than to try to drive home after. Probably a good call.

The same was true of lots of the other groups in my school though. I am not sure exactly how many people ever showed up to one of the supervised parties, but I can tell you that there were times when I saw half the school at a party on the hill. I have rather a humorous anecdote about the hill parties but I will save that for later. I have gone way off topic as it is.

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