Something in the shot?

My happy, playful, non-aggressive dogs don’t do much other than lay around and eat on occasion, yet there must be something in the shots that they get at the vet that changes all of that. Zelda, the younger of the two dogs, the female one as well, was needing to renew her shot status to get new dog tags (If you own a dog and don’t care enough to get him/her vaccinated once every couple of years to keep their registration current, you should be put to death without a trial) so the wife took her over this morning. It was, in her words, “a really bad experience.” But also, “It only took about twenty minutes.”.

Just a quick aside to mention the importance of registering your dogs, if you don’t have them registered you will never know where they are once they leave the confines of your yard. Sure the little collar emblem that you made at the local Wal-Mart will have their name and your phone number, but at the point that they are in the custody of animal control you will have to provide records of all of their shots, from their birth to current. If you do not have those documents the dog will have to be given the same shots, again, and likely won’t be too happy about it. The shots cost very little (sometimes free) while the registration is only a 10-20 bucks as well. It might seem expensive, but, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t the unconditional love of your pet worth 20 bucks every few years? (if you said no you might as well get a one way ticket to the seventh level of hell).

The little puppy Zelda (I call her a puppy despite the fact that she has easily surpassed the first year of her life, not to mention the fact that she can kick the ass of Warlock, who is older than her and triples her in weight) required one of the shots today. The wife took Zelda down to get her shots (and shiny new collar bling) without question.

Warlock did not take their absence well. My wife is the one who chose Warlock from the pound, despite my arguments that he was too big, it seems that he has never forgotten that…Or something… Once my wife (Warlock’s master) and Zelda (Warlock’s playmate) were gone Warlock just ran around the house whining….Constantly…. In theory that would be a good attribute for your pet (you know, wanting their master and/or friend near them), in practice it kind of sucks. No amount of petting was able to sate his need for the female portion of the household. I was nearly thankful when I had to go to work.


The strange thing is that now Zelda will sit under my desk as I type but, she won’t go outside. She loves to be petted but, when I do pet her, she is happy only when inside the house. When I try to make her go outside she starts to shake with such vigor that I am sure it is not healthy. You can actually feel her shaking right through her coat! Problem seems to be that she is going to have to pee sometime, I really hope that the sometime happens when she is not in the house….

If I were a religious man I would ask God to knock a few degrees off of the temperature for the next few days, since I am not I just hope that her need to pee overpowers her fear of all that which is not inside the house.

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