Yummy, Yummy Spam!

Of course everyone gets tons of garbage email, but I am the type that likes to read them. Come on, how else am I to know how much C1A L15 is going for these days (note to the guys who send those emails, if they have their blocker set up to filter out the word cialis, they probably aren’t your target market). Anyway, the more advanced automated garbage mail producers have taken to including a paragraph or two at the bottom of the unsolicited garbage mails to try to sneak them past the spam blockers. Today, this gem was at the bottom of my daily “grow your penis 3 inches” email: He wanted to say: If you cut anything else off me, Annie, I’m going to die. candide berg He hadn’t cared for her mood this morning. For one terrible moment he thought it had gone out, and then pale-blue Continue reading Yummy, Yummy Spam!

9/11 anniversary; Disturbing email

Well it is the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, so I figure I might as well make a post. The first thing that I would like to say is that I do truly feel for people who lost loved ones on that day. I know what it is like to experience the death of a close member of the family long before his/her time (which was my father, who died at only 38, and on Christmas Eve no less). The fact that so many thousands of people had that happen to them, all on the same day, and all at the hands of terrorists who just wanted a good ‘death count’ probably makes it worse. Especially since no one saw it coming. When my Father died, as callous as it sounds, a lot of the family had been seeing it in the near future for a long time. He was Continue reading 9/11 anniversary; Disturbing email