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Strange, I had thought of a ton of stuff that I wanted to talk about while I was at work. As I sit here now, my brain is every bit as blank as the monitor in front of me. Perhaps I should start to do these before I take my daily dose of Percocet?

Well after typing that last paragraph I saved and then went to surf, got an idea about something to write about, and wrote at length about a woman’s age determining whether her perfume smelled more like flowers or pesticide. Then I got the happy blue window of death, and lost it, so I am starting fresh, trying not to piss off the old woman that lives in my pc.

Strange thing about computers, it really is an old woman at this point. It was certainly not cutting edge even when I bought it, what four years ago, but now it is just barely clinging to life. I have upgraded as much as is possible, more so than possible in the case of the hard drive as it took me several hours to get the damn thing to register the 40gigs that it is on a system that was only made to recognize as much as 12gigs. I don’t remember how I did it, I remember having to search the internet extensively to find the ways to circumvent the counting problems. Not something that I would be likely to do again if I were to buy a pc. Not that I would have a problem doing a memory upgrade or anything like that. There is no way I am going to pay someone 50 bucks an hour to swap out a cd drive or install memory when I can do it myself in like 3 minutes, but I don’t think I want to have to deal with any major things like the aforementioned hard drive when I buy a new pc. The hardware is just so cheap now that you can get a pretty good dell system or even compaq for 500 dollars. I say pretty good, since they have quintuple my processor speed and even more than that as far as system bus.

I am reluctant to buy a new pc for only one reason and that is that all of the parts, that I horribly overpaid for, that are in my system would not work in a new one. Of course all of the parts would be a lot less expensive now, so I should just go ahead and do it. I mean there would be no reason to keep a horribly outdated 32mb pci 3-d accelerator anyway. If I were to buy a new system I could just use this one for cd burning, that is something that it does pretty well, but it makes it impossible to do a damn thing other than watch the pretty spinning disc. There would even be the possiblilty of networking the two computers to play a bit of diablo with the wife, if she still had the interest. As it is now I don’t know if she does or not since I spend so much time on the machine that she rarely ever plays any games on the pc.

Then there is also the issue of the missed work due to a neck injury, which makes even a twenty dollar purchase seem a bit excessive, let alone putting out that much money for a new system.

§ I don’t have any idea what this symbol actually means, but it looks pretty cool, and I am going to start using it to break between ideas instead of just using a line. I am hoping that it will make my little site look better as I found it a bit strange to have single paragraphs seperated with hr lines. If it turns out that I don’t like it, it too will fade away. I just looked at that symbol on the screen and totally hated it, so it has faded rather quickly. I am going to use a more conventional dot instead.

• After having screwed around after losing my initial post, I decided to go check out the “new look” of 98KUPD.com. That is the rock station of choice in the area I live, and it has been rated the number one rock radio station in the U.S. many times, but I am not sure exactly what rating system it was that gave them that honor. The good new is that I found that you can download some songs from the site, songs that were played live at the station, but you have to be a member of the “u-crew”. I went ahead and signed up, hell what is the worst thing that can happen, they send me spam? (though they let you click on whether you want to get email from them.)

I was also quite happy to see that they have downloadable replays of the “Guadalupe squares” (I wish that I could link to that, but you must be a member to access it) , this is an often hilarious, sometimes disgusting thing that they do every friday. As the name implies it is like a rip-off of Hollywood squares, but they often throw the rules out the window so that they can play more clips from the celebrity impersonators. The jokes are generally quite poor in taste, and some of the celebrities are done quite badly, but I think that is exactly what they were aiming for.

Like a lot of things, it is just not possible to explain something like the “Guapalupe Squares”, so I have instead uploaded one of them to this site for your listening pleasure. This is, of course, material that is copyrighted by 98KUPD.com. I am not entirely sure if I am breaking the law by posting it here, but I think that once you hear one of these little shows you may want to download one every week. This is not their best one by far, it is just the most recent. You can download it Here.

You could, of course, just sign up for the “u-crew” and get them for yourself, and I would highly recommend it. As such, if you happen to notice that I have not updated this page in a week or so, assume that i have been arrested for putting that mp3 on my site. That being the case, try to find it in your heart to send my some K Y Jelly so Bubbas love for me doesn’t hurt so bad.

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