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Setting up this site has been monumentally more difficult than I had ever thought it would be. I still maintain that I am a pretty good html programmer, but the thing is that the language of the internet seems to have expanded far beyond my html understanding. I have used some other stuff like CSS in the past to help me to achieve my ends, but when I started programming JAVA I just did not keep up with the evolution of things. Also, I had never tried to set up a website from a base directory which would allow the use of cgi scripts. I did use cgi on the web pages, it was just hosted through a third party that had a really user-friendly layout, as such I am stuck here in the dark thinking that I may just be the least intelligent human on the face of the earth.

In other site-related news, I am no longer going to put the actual time (like hours/minutes) in the updates. The reasons for that is quite simple 1)It is easily a couple hours off by the time I actually get this thing posted. 2) Unless you live in the state of Arizona that is not what time it was posted anyway. 3)There are roughly three people in the entire world that know the address of my website, anyone else who sees that time stamp will be seeing it looking through my archives. 4) If you really want to know what time it is you would just look at the bottom right of your computer monitor (perhaps elsewhere if you have modified your screen settings).

Finally, with the site related stuff, I am not going to update any page other than this one until I have a better understanding of the SSI that I should be using. As it stands I have about 28 pages that will have to be altered, and that seems like a lot, but if I were to go ahead and start doing some of the other pages that I want to do, that number could double or triple over the weekend (when I have a lot more free time).

Wow, I think I just managed to get the point across that you should never view my site…ever. That was not what I was going for, but damn it, I made a point!

I have taken the liberty of breaking my typing into two sections, the first being my bitching about myself and my lacking ability at webhosting, and the second being this, where I bitch about pretty much everyone and everything for no damn reason. The purpose of the first section would be to get you to send me a pipe bomb, the purpose of the second section will be to get you to go ahead and send it to someone else.

Biggest Bitch of the Day:
eBay allows people to insert Paypal logos in their ads. But the logos that they insert are all provided by paypal. The end result of this is that I received a negative feedback from ladybug3603 for a non-payment, when the truth of the matter was that she had listed a paypal logo, with the visa/mstercard/disover/american express logos. I took that to mean that the seller would accept credit cards. She didn’t. I would have left the transaction without a sour thought, then she left me negative feedback…That pissed me off…(I have like a 98.8% ebay rating with over 240 transactions, so when I get a stupid one, them is fightin’ words).

Her explanation of it was that I should have asked whether she accepted credit cards. My response was that If you do not accept credit cards, why do you place words such as “pay me instantly with any credit card through paypal” in your listing. Her response was that she had nothing to do with that being put in her listing. Now, I knew that she was lying, since she obviously did make an agreement with paypal to let them update the listings, but I took the high road and just sucked it up.

Every negative feedback (of the three that I have) is very similar. Why it is my fault that they put the quote “pay me instantly with any credit card through paypal” in the listing? And then when I will not pay any other way (credit cards limit your liability for fraud, and make it far easier to recover the money you did pay out, if you get shafted) they leave me negative feedback. I think that these sellers are all corrupt. They may not be ‘trying’ to screw you, but there must be a different motive for what they do.

Another eBay issue is the sellers that do not post feedback until the buyer does. I will not ever leave feedback for a seller that does not post feedback for me (as a buyer) when they get the payment. If they do not post feedback immediatly, that means that they are in fear that the wares that they sold you are absolute crap. They want to hold the feedback thing over your head to keep you from posting a negative for them, since they can reciprocate it. I must re-state that I will never post feedback for these sellers (even if whatever I bought was 200% better than advertised), because that is just missing the point. If you buy something off of ebay and yoy pay for it immediately, and you do not get immediate feedback do not leave that seller feedback at all. Even if you are very new to eBay and trying to get your numbers going, the only seller that you should buy from again is the one that left you feedback when he/she received your payment, all the others are either dubious or selling absolute crap that they mis-represent, don’t tangle with those folks.

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