Song remkaes

It turns out that I had a SNAFU and a FUBAR going on the entire time I have been doing these updates. I only found that out because Flux had mentioned in an email that he could help me get my table working properly. I did not know that I had a problem with the table, so I fired up Netscape (which I rarely use) and yep, you could not see a single word that I had written. I spent the majority of the afternoon taking care of that problem on the site pages, yet did not take the time to fix the previous updates, and likely never will. Also, just because of the sheer amount of time that it will take to redo all of the poetry pages, those have not yet been updated either.

On the up side, I did add a Mission statement to the page that I feel is well worth a look. One other thing that is site related is that I scrapped the demon background that I had been using for a really long time (six years or so) on the free site. I didn’t really like the look of it for the purpose of a ‘real’ website, and I was only using it on the front page anyway. It is amazing how much your taste can change in only a few years.

For some strange reason I am feeling the desire to bitch about musical artists right now. I guess the reason is not really all that strange since I am forced to listen to K-lite while I am at work every day. I do so despise the music…

It seems to me that for the last several years there have been a lot more song remakes than ever before. I can not be sure of that, of course, since I only recognize the songs as remakes when I am familiar with the original song. There are a lot of songs that I thought were original when they were released in the ’80s that I found out later were remakes of oldies. I am no authority on the subject, but paying for this domain gives me a license to bitch about anything…The power…

The thing with the new song covers is that they are mostly re-making songs that were at least top twenty material when they were originally released. Take, as a for instance Madona’s cover of Don McLean’s timeless song American Pie. (sorry I could not find linkage for the original). I saw an interview with Madonna where she said that she really felt strange about re-making such an american classic, so I will give her props for that.

Then you have the remakes of Don Henley’s timeless song The Boys of Summer , where one of the people actually substituted their own band name where it says “I saw a Dead-Head sticker on a Cadillac”. That is just wrong!!

Then, when I am listening to “Uncle Kracker’s” latest version of the rock and roll classic “drift Away” by Dobie Gray, I just hate music in general.

Out of nowhere comes “the Counting Crows” version of Big Yellow Taxi If you have never heard that song beforehand, you are not alone. I had only heard it because I had a hippy teaching music in my school back in the day. I just give this group props for digging one out of the trash can and getting it into the adult contemporary top 40.

It is much easier to re-do a verified hit than it is to turn a folk classic into one.

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