Well, I got off of work late, my time, so I was not able to accomplish a whole lot, but I did get the entire poetry page up and running. I also spent just enough time there to make sure that all the links were actually linking to actual pages. For some reason, I also added notes to the bottom of a couple of the poems, I think that was mostly because I could 1) remember what had made me write them in the first place and 2) It would help to explain my totally F’ed up mind.

I was hoping to get a whole hell of a lot more done as far as getting some more of the Arthur Witles stories online, but I am very poor at sight-typing. That same principal applies to why I have not yet gotten any of my short stories online.

I actually have one of those “you talk, it types” programs on my pc, but they lie. I mean if you say, “I like mittens”, that could translate to “alien martians”. That would lead to me just yelling at the damned thing, hoping that I could get it back on track. The problem there is that you can yell at a human and make them jump to doing something else, but the computer doesn’t care. If your pc actually resoponds to those commands then you are a very lucky person (and yes I spent like two hours of my life talking to the damn thing to “set up” my voice commands, and it still doesn’t work). I bet you my dollar to your penny that if Bill Gates walked into the room, it would pretty much shut down and await further instruction.

I have used windows based machines for my entire life (that is the length of life that I will admit to for the purposes of this website) and I know how to use all of the features of it. It is entirely possible that the Mac user has a significant advantage over the pc user. The thing is that the mac does not advertise, or market, quite like the windows based pc does. The windows based system has at least a dozen retailers that put ads online and on the tv, like gateway, dell, and many others. They do not say that they are running the windows OS but you know that they have to be. Microsoft would not let any ad get on the air without their okay.

To be fair, I guess I should mention that the voice recognition software was not an actual microsoft product. But, also to be fair, I understand that if I had a mac, it would be able to read all these ancient files that are on my pc that can not be read by any file in windows. In the ‘coup de gras’ of this statement I just found out that there is something called ‘quickview’ that will make it so that I can see those files…

So, I guess the Microsoft mission statement must be….”We want every customer…but we want to make it extremely difficult for them to find their files…then they have to call us…then we just totally quit supporting their system…this is the way to go”.

I mean, seriously, it is not like I am trying to access the internet using an old ‘Kaypro’ system. If only the people over there at MACINTOSH really gave it a go, I bet they could certainly kill the powerhouse MICROSOFT, or at least give them a damn good run for their money.

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