In which I pimp the Magazine Man

I often pimp Magazine Man because he is the best storyteller that I have found on the internet. But he is also a genuinely good guy. While he was doing a crap giveaway last year (which netted me a nifty Mystery Machine that was a wonderful Christmas gift for my Nephew), he made a very brief reference to a local charity where he was donating metric tons of crap superfluous clutter, which would be distributed to those less fortunate at Christmas time. Those are the types of stories that he doesn’t tell, the things that he seems to do not for reward, or for attention, but because he is kind and compassionate. While I don’t personally know the man, I am willing to speculate that this has nothing to do with his relative comfort level either; if he were homeless and had two cans of soup, I would be willing Continue reading In which I pimp the Magazine Man

Guarantee, my ass!

I started playing a token game on FTP yesterday at about 4:30. I had already won a token for the 20k that night, and I generally only play one token game a day, get the token and that’s it. Yesterday, I just jumped in another one ’cause I was bored, and I can now say that I totally agree that the game is rigged -in my favor this time-. I didn’t get any screenshots, but I did save the history of this one. First hand I got Queens, which ended up busting someone. Second had was 9’s that I layed down to an ugly flop. Third hand was garbage. Fourth hand was 8s. Fifth hand was 10s that turned into a boat to send someone else home. And it just kept going. By the time about 30 hands had been played, I only had about half a dozen hands that Continue reading Guarantee, my ass!

Maybe not the dumbest question ever, but certainly a contender…

In a .01/.02 cash game on pokerstars. Someone said, “Are any of you playing in the World Series of Poker?” Because it seems pretty likely that if someone was, they would be honing their skills in a .01/.02 cash game, right? I mean really, same level of play and everything, right? Whoever said “There are no stupid questions” obviously never interacted with humans.

The music that defines me

I was having trouble getting to sleep last night and found myself thinking about adding a new song to my little sidebar. Then I started thinking that the whole title of the entry over there isn’t accurate and hardly reflects what it was that I initially intended it to be. When I first started posting those songs over there, the songs that I was referring to were all either fairly obscure, or the b-sides of the radio singles at the very least. The last couple of them that I have posted were just random songs that really don’t have any meaning to me, other than I can remember a particular experience that I associate with them. Not that it was ever my intention to prove that I was a hard core fan of any band in the early days just by claiming that I used to have some of their Continue reading The music that defines me

A picture is worth 463 words (I know it should be a thousand, but I had to bitch a little)

I told myself I was going to just post the screenshot, not write anything at all, but I just can’t do it. Whenever you get dealt Kings, it has to be in the back of your mind that someone else at the table could have aces. All you can do is put in a fairly large bet to try to chase out anyone playing with the two gappers that will bite you in the ass on the river. If no one reraises you preflop, and there aren’t any face cards on the flop, you just have to assume that you are way ahead. When he flips over the aces to send you home, all you can do is curse the poker gods and wish that you had heeded the warning signs. The warning signs in this case: I had Kings, of course someone else has aces. It doesn’t even qualify Continue reading A picture is worth 463 words (I know it should be a thousand, but I had to bitch a little)

No guarantee in FTP guaranteed tournaments

After my recent (relative) success in the FTP 17k, I figured I would try to get into it again on Friday. The tokens are easy to come by, so it is really no big investment, and it is pretty good MTT practice. This time, I decided to do a bit of preparation before the event. I used another of the tokens to buy into a 6,000 guaranteed double stack tournament. I figured it would get into bigger stacks a lot faster that way so I could try to get used to having to actively make/call bets in excess of 1000 chips when my cards were far from premium. Of course the stack size relative to the blinds in the double stack is way different, but the betting doesn’t quite go like it would in a normal MTT either. I came out of it just out of the money, but I Continue reading No guarantee in FTP guaranteed tournaments

Two questions

Question 1: Why is it that a google search for “craved food every second of the day and night,i’m so fat now my clothes are splitting at the seams” points to my site? Question 2: Did that person actually click through to my site or does it just show up as a referrer since the bot found some of those words on my page? Question 2a: If that person really did click through to my site, did said person also click through all 60 sites that come up before mine? What about the 13,639 that came after it?