Site Evolution

Now that I have the entire site converted to the WordPress format (and therefore part of the searchable databse), there is really no reason I will ever need to see the old website designs again.  However, during the conversion of the site, I found mild amounts of humor in the oldest design, and perhaps a small amount of pride in how much better I have become -both as a writer, and at the design aspect- over the years.  For that reason, I am going to offer up a snapshot of what the website looked like years ago.

Here is my very first post.  This was what it looked like when the first page went live in January of 2004.  And all I can say about that is Wow.  I had a moderate knowledge of html at the time, all I can say is that I must have been in a big damn hurry to get that live.

The site actually went through a number of different background colors and images over the years, however after that initial design, I started saving the new images with the old image filenames so that I wouldn’t have to change the html code.  So here, for example, is what the site looked like in February of 2004, just two weeks after having set it up.

It did undergo another small change during April of 2005.  Here I added an image for the header , previously it had been done with text.  As you can see, the image that I am using now has the same name as the image that I was using back then.  I did that specifically so that I wouldn’t have to change the coding among the pages when I did make updates.  The banner actually doesn’t look too bad in the smaller size.

Any other changes that I made to the layout were done during the blogger scripting years, a painful time in my life that I would thank you to not bring up.  Since I had to change the template to make a change, it republished the site when I did so that the page I posted on June 19, 2005 looks identical to the page I posted on November 13, 2009.  I can assure you that I went through numerous backgrounds, for the header, body, and background over the years, but this is all I can easily find evidence of.  Frankly you don’t need or want to see more than that anyway.

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