Stuff I made

This page will be dedicated to things that I have made. I have programmed a few java applets that
will likely find their way here, I am also a guitarist and some of that may also find its way here.
I will try to include a description of each thing that I have linked to so that you know exactly
what you are trying to download, and as such I believe these files will be the least downloaded
on the entire internet!

To the files.

White Noise:

I was farting around one day with my guitar and some ocean sounds. I was trying to make an intro to a song base for the poem Into the Sea. I have since completed the song, but it is now just an insturmental. This one is called white noise simply for the fact that I often just leave it looping in the background while I am typing. This was the first time ever that I had tried to layer my guitar playing over the top of my other guitar playing. It was extremely difficult for me to get the sounds to line up in it, as their are up to four separate guitars being played, and no drums to help me keep rhythm. Headphones are strongly recommended, they seem to capture the nuances a lot better than the speakers do. Listen to it if you want, and stone me if you hate it.

Lightz Out:

Lightz Out This is the first java based game that I ever completed. It is based on a handheld game of a similar name. It seems to still be in a playable condition, though some of the graphic text that is supposed to display isn’t showing up. It is more of a logic game than a graphic game anyway. I must admit that I was a bit happy to see that this was still on the Javaboutique after so many years. I hope a lot of people have played it, but I hope none of them have viewed the code. I knew nothing about programming java when I made this, and as such the code is really a mess. Nonetheless, it is fun to occupy some time when bored.

Click Here to see how to play

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