As the title would seem to indicate, it has been a day since the events that transpired yesterday. While I am still far from happy about the outcome of events yesterday I am also a very realistic person. All of the random events that happened yesterday could have happened to anyone, yet they didn’t happen to anyone, they happened to me. Is this the hand of god trying to smite me, but always a step behind, or is this the reason that I just do not like to leave the house?

The cars called “Jaguar” have been the butt of many jokes over the years. I say this knowing that the cars called Toyota have been the butt of even worse jokes. This Car is very much like the one that I had to ride in yesterday. The fluff certainly makes it sound nice, yet, the fact is that it is the worst piece of shit that you have ever encountered. The air-conditioning just does not work, the leather seats make you have to peel yourself off of them. This car is a complete piece of shit that you would do better to never ride in.

The name “Jaguar” should have to take a point off for building this piece of shit. There is roughly seventeen inches of legroom in the back seat, compared to the twenty-six inches offered in your average Honda. The entire “cabin” of this vehicle is about half the size of an average Toyota. Why do people buy this piece of shit? The Name-Plate. There is no other reason that a thinking being would buy such garbage. If you own one of these cars, rid yourself of it immediately. Thay have no resale value, being the shit that they are, get out now, if you still can.

Why someone would pay 8,000 for the actual car, and then pay 35,000 for the name-plate is something that is totally beyond me. Yet, when the car starts to have problems and you then sell it to the unsuspecting couple, that I understand…

Jaguars have entire books written about them, based on the fact that they are so unreliable. I do not know why anyone would actually buy one just for the sticker on it, especially when they are the car that is sitting by the road more often than not.

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