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As stated above it is the fourth of June. This is my eldest brother’s 34th birthday. Though I do not have any way to contact him, nor do I know where he is even living, I will say Happy Birthday here. Just in case he has caught word of this site through one of the relatives that actually know the URL. However unlikely that is, I made the gesture. Fifty years down the road, you know when I am dead from stress, smoking and alcoholism, he will be able to read through the stuff that is saved to my hard drive and see that while I don’t know where he is, or how to contact him, I actually thought about him on his birthday. Of course in that scenario it would be his 84th birthday when he reads this and the odds of him making it to 84 are no better than mine. Perhaps this entire paragraph is a moot point?

This is just a random curiosity that I have. Why do the colors of a dog’s toes dictate the color of the toenails? I am sure that I could google around a bit and find a very scientific response to that question, I am just wondering as a layman without so much desire to know the answer as to go and look it up. I mean sure the skin pigment would be passed to the nail, since the cuticle is what actually makes the nail grow, right? If that is the case, why don’t black people have black fingernails? As I said, that is just a curious thought that I had today and am not so intrigued by that I actually want to spend the next hour reading articles about cell composition and the such. If you happen to have the simple answer, in layman’s terms, you know what to do.

• There is a bit of trouble brewing on the home front. I am not going to discuss that here because, 1) I do not have any intention of airing my family’s dirty laundry on this site, and 2) You would only be getting my side of the story. As with everything there are at least two sides to every story. Perhaps you are better than I am at separating fact from fiction, but I tend to believe the story that I hear first. I suppose that I would be bad in a jury for exactly that reason. The prosecution gets to go first, they make you believe that the guy did it, then it is up to the defense to make you switch your opinion. If this country was truly based on the legal ‘innocent until proven guilty’ premise, shouldn’t the defense go first? Paint the guy as a simple painter who got flim-flammed into something that he didn’t understand…Not that the trouble on the home front involves anyone actually being put on trial or going to prison or anything, just that it would be a bit unfair for me to put my side of the story here without giving the other people involved equal time to voice their view.

This damn democratic society has infected me!

• I wrote about the popularity of the little java game Lightz Out back on March 19th. I am still getting emails at my old email address requesting the source code for the game. I really wish that I had known what I was doing as I programmed that game, as I think that everyone is going to look at that code in ‘what the fuck’ mode, but I am still getting requests for the code. For my ease I am going to go ahead and link to the file that I uploaded to this site previously, just in case someone searches for it. That will happen when I get around to it of course. Until that time, you can find the link to the source code Right Here. Just keep in mind that I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when I program Java. I know some of the basic arguments and I use them and guess and check until it works. Why the damn Lightz Out game has such staying power is totally beyond me.

• The little puppy Zelda seems to have overcome her malady. She is running and barking just like she did before she was stricken with the…problem. The thing about her little problem is that it may have been caused by the fact that she lays on the floor with her hind legs in very odd positions. My wife and I have talked frequently about how they seemed to be out of socket (some of her joints I mean) while she is casualy laying on the floor. She is back to laying in exactly the same manner now. My wife wants to give her Glucosamine for joint flexibility, but I am starting to think that we probably shouldn’t do that since she likes to sit in postions that would likely break the legs of most canines.

The Glucosamine, as well as children’s aspirin, helped her to get past the pain of her injury, but giving her the drugs to promote joint flexibility will only make her lay in ever more awkward positions. The fact that you only have ten or twelve years to live with a dog should really make you want to make sure that they are happy and playfull for the entire time that they are with you. If she(Zelda) thinks that she is flexible again, she might injure herself again. There is no worse feeling for a pet owner than to see their pet suffering, and she did suffer considerably when she was stricken with her…problem.

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