Antenna-jacked!; The homeless Vs. High school graduates

Yeah I know it has been a while since I slapped anything up around here. I will attribute that to the whole supply/demand logic, of course no one demands it, so I don’t supply it. I wonder if that would work the other way around?

• So, my wife got antenna jacked today. It is sort of like a car jacking, only with no violence, and she still has the car. It is sort of like stealing your car stereo, only she still has the stereo. Some dubious person ripped off her car antenna and nothing else…How sad is that?

I do understand that this is all traumatic and the such, but come on, it is a car antenna. It is not like there is a huge black market of car antenna dealers (is there?). I just googled it up and there are thousands of stores that are selling the car antenna in question. The car antenna black market had better be a heck of a lot cheaper than the going rates (I found one for $17 with a cursory search), which aren’t that high in the first place.

Perhaps it was a guy ripping off antennas to try to get his daily fix. Maybe he can sell them for five bucks each at a junkyard, still, that would take a lot of antennas (antennae?). I don’t know how much drugs cost, as I have never used them, but when I used to buy marijuana for a friend named Einnod (way back in the nineties) it would take about $35 to get 1/8th of an ounce of marijuana, and I don’t imagine the prices are going down. And that eighth of an ounce had better be an actual eighth Dammit! I ain’t paying $35 for a 3.2 gram bag! Quit pinching you Son-of-a-Bitch! An eighth is 3.5 grams! Sure I’ll smoke the first one with you, but I want the whole bag! Don’t make me kill you! I got a wood chipper that has your name on it, you cheating S.O.B.! So I have heard, having, of course, no personal knowledge of anything related to drugs. (as an aside, if you happen to be hiking in the hills of the beautiful state of Oregon, and you happen upon a skull, could you go ahead and bury it? Odds are that it wasn’t the guy that I killed That Oregon weather has a habit of unearthing things that you pray will never surface.)

• You know what is really sad, relating to the drugs? Your average junkie on the street can likely convert grams to ounces in his head, while your average High School Senior probably couldn’t (and if he could that would be the first sign of addiction). The junkie can’t read or write, but he damn well knows that there are 16 ounces in a pound and 3.5 grams in an ounce. The junkie probably also know exactly how many ounces of liquid are in a quart since he has limited income [stolen antennas mostly], he must know wheter a quart is larger or smaller than a liter (the quart being smaller by 1.6 ounces), whether a “40” is a good value based on price…I think that your average drunken, homeless person might have better math skills than your average high school graduate… I am basing this completely on conjecture, I have never met a real junkie, most of the people I know have at least made it to higher education (you know, junior high), but them junkies know from weights and measures.

Ooh, ooh, new idea. Let’s put the junkies in charge of the department of weights and measures. No one knows the conversions better than them. I guess the only down side would be when they start to sniff the fumes at the gas pump, then run away with the gallon of their new, best fix. Yeah, okay, that idea sucked. That would be akin to making Dubya preznit, oh wait…

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