Site stats; Dad

Well, I have decided that I am going to start taking wednesdays off. I just don’t have the energy in the evening to write anything here after getting off of work late. Officially, next week will have no post for wednesday, while I am putting this one up just to let my legion of fan know (no, those weren’t meant to be plural).

One thing that I did find a bit disappointing was that the things I wrote about yesterday I really thought would make one of the few people reading email about. Most particularly that I used the wrong name for who is chef on South Park (I changed it before I uploaded it to the archives). I was pretty sure that everyone who actually views this site would know his name, so I was expecting someone to correct me, didn’t happen. Oh well.

That brings me to another issue, that being the site statistics that are available through the hosting service. They give you a lot of information, but not a damn bit is very useful. Say I have 69 hits one day, but only 3 visits, and 12 pages. How does one determine from that how many people actually visited the site? Could those three visits have resulted in 69 hits? It is all a bit odd. I am going to take the time tomorrow to get a third party counter that will actually just tells me who loads the front page, it seems to be a lot more accurate for trying to see how many people actually hit the page on a given day. It is not like I am expecting the number to be over five, but something that I am curious to know.

That will be all for today. Just to take up a bit of space, I am going to throw in a picture of my father with myself and my two brothers.

That is, of course, my father in the back, he died on Christmas eve in 1990. My two brothers are on either side of him. The little guy in the front, the one with Way too much hair, and a really bad ‘bowl cut’ would be me, your humble webmaster. Possibly a lot more humble after digging this photo out. Something that I just noticed while looking at this photo, doesn’t it look a bit like all the noses in the photo are superimposed? Hmmm. maybe it is just me, but it does look a bit odd.

Anyway, that is all for today. I will be back tomorrow with more compelling reasons why you should just never read my site.

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