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Well, again, there was nothing new posted here yesterday. I would like to blame that on a lot of things, but the fact is that the blame should all go directly onto me. Sunday is, after all, the only day of the week when I don’t have to go to work, so I should certainly be able to stab out a few paragraghs at least, right?

The thing is that I had promised my boss that I would make one of the coolers on the roof be on-line by Sunday (as a side job). The hours that I worked this week made it so that I had to go through the entire process on Sunday, as I was not able to get up there to take care of some of the minor problems that can turn major on this type of cooler. I am not talking about something like changing the filter in your air conditoner, I am talking about servicing an evaporative cooler that is industrial-sized. I doubt that anyone that does not live in the state of arizona actually knows what an evaporative cooler is (strike that, I bet a lot of people who live in deserts in the middle east are pretty fond of them also).

I think that the name of the product may be a bit misleading though. Technically, water has to reach 216 degrees fahrenheit before it evaporates, that is 100 degrees celsius, and damn hot. Evaporative coolers can lower the air temperature by as much as 30 degrees in a zero humidity climate. The water doesn’t actually evaporate (I don’t think). Yet, I just googled it up and that page is Here. It really does evaporate the water. How water can be heated to the point that it evaporates being spewed into a room can cool a room is something that I still don’t understand.

I still don’t believe that it is actually evaporating that water, well, maybe I do, to a point. Water can hold it’s temperature a lot better than air can. That is likely why the oceans stay at within a degree or two of their average temperature year round. That is also why the air temperature can be cooled by the evporation process (maybe), the air that is being pushed through the pads is picking up molecules of water that have been underground, and as such are at the roughly 72 degree temperature that we consider normal. That does result in a nice cool breeze (if that is the way it works at all) but, I am a happy man either way.

If the cooler actually does ‘evaporate’ any of the water, that hot air is magically exchaged for the cold air that it blows into my house. I can deal with that.

There are lots of things in your average home that you could not explain how or why they work, take your computer for instance, it works, do you know why it works? Could you build one if you had to? I am not talking about taking pieces that you buy at a store and assembling them, I mean if you were stuck on a desert island, could you use the resources there to create a computer? or an evaporative cooler? Hell, even a can-opener?

I am 100% sure that I could not build any of those things. I could build all three of them, if I was given the parts to do so, and I coulld also beat a can against a rock until I finally got into it, but that is hardly the point. Technology may simplify our lives, but it makes us ever more reliant on people who know a particular trade and will take advantage of our ignorance of it.

Puppies vs. Pussies

I had every intention of getting some pictures of ‘Zelda’ up here today, the thing is that we have only a precious few of them, and they are all locked in a little disposable camera that has yet to be developed. Just take my word for it, she is a good dog at least 10-12% of the time, the rest of the time you just want to beat her senseless and forget that you ever had a dog…Not a good premise for where I am planning to go with this, but it has been written, and I do not edit.

It is not often that someone can see a very rich, important woman lugging around her pussy, but, she might be lugging around her bitch. Why the ‘American Dream’, or the myth that it has since created, has to involve a dog is far beyond me. The ‘American Dream’ also says that you have 2.6 children, so do you start lopping off your children’s appendages until you fall into that demographic? Hopefully not.

That is the entire reason I am going to go on about this, there seem to be pretty clear lines drawn between the ‘dog people’ and the ‘cat people’. Why? Pick a pet and go with it. If you like cats, that would be your choice. If you like dogs, that would be your choice. Pretty simple.

Stand next to your pet cat, throw a ball, what happens? Likely the cat will look at you like you are some sort of idiot for throwing the damn thing in the first place.

Stand next to your dog and do the same thing. He/she will chase the ball down, pick it up, and bring it back to you. The dog may or may not drop it depending on the level of training.

Stand next to your cat again, point towards something that is some distance away, the cat will just stare at your finger (in most cases), while the dog will look where you are pointing.

When you come home from work, wich one will jump up and wag their tail, just so happy to see you? Which one just looks up from their bed waiting for you to open a new can of food?

I think that dog is certainly the way to go for a pet, but cat is a very popular pet also. When you can make your cat sit, shake each paw (by saying left or right), beg and stand all for one single treat, I may consider them equal…Yet most cat owners will tell you that their animal is so smart that it doesn’t fall for those tricks… Okay, I didn’t want your stupid cat here anyway…

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