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No update yesterday. God was said to have rested on the seventh day, so I tripled his run! This megalomaniac thing is really fun…

I went ahead and finished formatting all of the poetry to actually be able to load today. This might not mean much to you, but it does to me, I completed a project! I can’t even remember the last time that I ever completed a project that wasn’t work related. I did complete this one though, and that gives me a bit of spirit about completing other site related projects. Of course I am all out of steam for completing such projects for the day, so I will just blab on about various crap.

The previous paragraph was exactly as far as I got with doing an update yesterday. I started to do a bit of a rant on a subject that I was even bored with, and at length just gave up completely. There is no reason why I have to do this on a daily basis, especially since my readership at current is about three people. I would like to think that my decision to not post yesterday was a good one in the respect that since I knew what I was going to post was crap I just did not post it. That was a real first for me. Normally I just go by a ‘good enough’ kind of radar, and what I had written yesterday fell well below that line. Will this mean that I won’t post absolute crap in the future? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But, I did have that brief moment of clarity..

Now for a bitch, then I am not sure where I am going to go with the last segment. I know the topic, but my opinions keep changing even as I am typing this.

1=1, 100-99=1
This is something that really irritates me, possibly only becuase I work in retail, but I would still find it irritating regardless of my profession. Like the little bold statement up there says, 1=1. That is, of course a very obvious statement, but for some reason that truth gets distorted when persons (who must be way below average on IQ) that I am teaching how to use a cash register get involved…I don’t even want to go into the complex 2=2 theory with them, or they might just have their head explode and die on the spot….Then I would have to mop it up….Anyway….

An average cash register will give you a total at the end of a transaction. The customer will be required to pay that amount. For my purposes I am going to use 1 dollar. So, let us say that the cash register says, “Total $1.00” -that is american, of course and I believe that even if the total were in euros or shekkels the point would remain the same- The customer hands you a $1.00 dollar bill. You type in $1.00 then hit the cash/tendered/received/whatever key, the drawer opens and it tells you to give the customer no change. End of transaction.

Now we throw in the screwball. Let us say that in the previous transaction the cashier hit the 1 key, then accidentally hit the ‘double-zero’ key twice. That would mean that the cashier had entered $100.00 in cash tendered for a $1.00 transaction. This would be a horrible thing, if not for the fact that the register tells you how much change to give back. The register would tell you to give $99.00 back, if you have even a bit of competence you would not give any change back, and that is what will usually happen when a trainee is faced with this situation. Then their logic gets fuzzy…

A typical trainee reaction will be, “My register is going to be $99.00 short because I hit $100.00 and he only gave me $1.00.” My stock reaction to this (the fact that I have a stock reaction to this is a testament to the ineptitude of your average high school graduate) is, “Did you give them any change back?” The answer is always no. So the till is in balance, but I have to spend way too much time explaining it. Sometimes they are so scared that they will show up short that they leave a note for the boss, just in case.

I think that the way I explain it is pretty simple, but if you know of a better way email me, since they just never get it when I explain it like this:

The total amount of the transaction was one dollar. If you type in one dollar, the register adds one dollar to your daily total. If you type in one-hundred dollars, the register adds one-hundred dollars to your daily total, then subtracts the ninety-nine dollars from the total that it told you to give back as change. 100-99=1, 1=1, any questions. It seems so simple….

I watched a show today on the “The Learning Channel”. The particular show was Incrdible Medical Mysteries: Gender Unknown . The link to that page is there only because that is where I found the title of the show. The sad truth of it is that I would really have liked to have seen the same show on PBS. This particular show was about transgender babies and how they grow up. The channel that I saw it on (I thought) was kind of spinning it in a bad way for the parents of children who have this affliction. PBS tends to show the actual facts without trying to tug at the heart-strings.

If you had clicked on the link for the Learning channel, you would have seen that there was absolutely no information there about this affliction, only a time that it was playing. That was all the information that I could find on their site about it. I fired up google, and my opinion about this matter changed quite rapidly.

My first impression (from the limited information that I got from the show) was that the children who were born with a partial penis and one testicle, as well as an ovary and a fallopean tube, could function noramlly as a male or a female. The sad truth, it seems, is that the testoserone from the testical makes the body incapable of producing estrogen. That said, it means that if the trans gender baby has a testicle, and you remove it, there will be no estrogen or testosterone. Net result would be that the baby would then have to take pills for life to balance their inner system.

Prior to finding that last bit of information, I was thinking that it would be more aesthetically pleasing for the genetalia to appear to be either male or female. Then I read a few pages from this site , and I kind of don’t really know which way to lean on this now.

After having seen that show, and doing a bit of cursory searching on the internet, I was thinking that it would be in the best interest of the child to make him/her appear to look like a him or a her. I had based my initial intention on that alone. Yet, if that child was allowed to grow up and live with a 4cm penis and one testicle, as well as an ovary and a fallopean tube, then make the decision for his/herself later in life…What would the point really be?

I suppose that if you were able to take your choice of gender that would make you feel more in control. But, if you were born with half of each gender how or why would you ever choose in the first place? Pre or post-operation you are going to be someone that gets looked at all too often in the locker- room. It is human nature to be curious about the unknown. I would like to think, though, that we are open minded enough to accept someone who is a bit different…

I place way to much faith in humanity though…

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