Yummy, Yummy Spam!

Of course everyone gets tons of garbage email, but I am the type that likes to read them. Come on, how else am I to know how much C1A L15 is going for these days (note to the guys who send those emails, if they have their blocker set up to filter out the word cialis, they probably aren’t your target market).

Anyway, the more advanced automated garbage mail producers have taken to including a paragraph or two at the bottom of the unsolicited garbage mails to try to sneak them past the spam blockers. Today, this gem was at the bottom of my daily “grow your penis 3 inches” email:

He wanted to say: If you cut anything else off me, Annie, I’m going to die. candide berg He hadn’t cared for her mood this morning.

For one terrible moment he thought it had gone out, and then pale-blue fire uncoiled across the title page with an audible sound — foomp! Because I can, and it’s not something to apologize for, goddammit. Like the barn, with its heat-tapes. Annie had fired into the air. “Yes, Boss Ian,»Hezekiah agreed. He had gone to sleep in the monster-woman’s house and had awakened in the hospital. “Ian nearly screamed, and for the first time Geoffrey had truly understood that his friend was tottering on the brink of madness. chase

I am intrigued. I wonder if I bought their shiny placebos, would they send me the rest of this story? What happened to Annie? How is poor Geoffrey holding up after all of this? I must know the answers!

With any luck, this will play out like a serial drama in my garbage mails over the next few days. Then again, it could be there for the sole purpose of getting it past my junk mail filter (it didn’t).

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