Well, it has been a while since I have thrown anything up over here, so here goes.

Being unemployed is a lot of work.

I have been taking the time to do some stuff around the house that I should have done years ago. Not little things like taking out the trash either, I am talking major construction projects. In the past week or so I have re-tiled the floor in the Arizona room, replaced the plumbing in the entire house, installed a garbage disposal, installed a new water purifier, added electrical outlets in the kitchen, replaced rotting lumber under the kitchen sink, replaced the kitchen sink, installed a new vanity, faucet and medicine cabinet in the bathroom, replaced the light fixture there as well, re-tiled the floor in half of the bathroom as well as painting it, removed the tile and old lumber from around the bathtub, put new lumber around the back of the tub, and probably a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t come to mind immediately. Oh yeah, I also had to re-route some of the plumbing so that I could put the washer and dryer together in the corner of the back room. Oh, and I serviced our evaporative cooler.

Anyway, I have found a lot of stuff to keep me busy while I anxiously wait for calls about the various jobs I have applied for. Truth be told, I didn’t even start applying for them until Monday, since I was going to take a week off anyway (not likely to get a vacation this year). I did do a resume thing on Monster.com though, so I actually had an interview on Monday for a job that I never applied for.

The interview was at a place called 84 Lumber, which I had never heard of, but it is a 3.6 billion dollar a year business. The job was not what I was looking for; since I was not willing to relocate I would not have been able to get the management position. There is no way I am going to take another grunt job. I am far too experienced and getting a bit too old for that.

Well, that’s it for now. Check back another day for more riveting mundane crap.

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