Tin foil hat time!

Like most educated people I believe absolutely everything that I read. As a result of that I try to make sure that I don’t read anything that I might disagree with. Keeps me from having to change my thoughts and views on key subjects. That might not all be entirely true, but it is to a point. I probably believe a lot more of what I read than I really should. That is why I am now sporting this aluminum sailor’s hat, I don’t want the government to be reading my thoughts while I type this post (though I guess they could just read the post anyway, maybe I just like the damn aluminum hat. What is so wrong with that?!).

The radio station that I listen to all the time was talking about A JFK Conspiracy Website. Most notably, they were talking about a particular little video clip that was on that particular website. I had to go take look.

image courtesy of jfkmurdersolved.com The image that they were talking about is over there on the right. All that I can say is that there must have been an expert in Photoshop that was able to pull that little thing off. To be fair, it has probably been a few years since I saw the actual footage of the event, this might not look anything at all like the way it actually went down. I mean I know that the driver didn’t do it, but I don’t remember if he turned to look back at Kennedy or other such nuances. Still, I say, that is some damn good Photoshop work.

Since I was already on the aforementioned website, I figured I would just look around a little bit. They have tons of stuff on there. I only clicked through about three of the pages, they go into way more (possible) detail than I care to look at. But damn are they ever thorough. One of the links is (from a different site) an hour and a half presentation of the case for conspiracy, which points directly to former president George Herbert Walker Bush. Incidentally, if you watch that whole video let me know and I will send you my tin foil hat. I skimmed through a couple of other pages, including one page that was an alleged confession from the guy that actually shot Kennedy from the front. Fascinating stuff.

Let me set aside the foil hat for a moment (maybe). I have always found it pretty odd that JFK’s murder was so quickly put onto Lee Oswald. The position that he was supposedly in (you know the one, the book depository) was well behind the car, didn’t have a very good view and would be the least likely spot for a sniper to set up (of course that is exactly why it is assumed that he did it from that position). The thing is, had the sniper been in the book depository, he would have had a much better shot as the car was coming directly at him than he had while it was driving away. If your goal is to make sure that you kill someone, wouldn’t you take your best shot? Why wait until the car turns the corner, which forces a more difficult shot? Just going for skill points?

I don’t believe that the assassination was masterminded by anyone in the government, but I also don’t think that just one guy was responsible for it. The official “Warren Report” seems pretty bogus, but so do most of the government conspiracy things that I read on this website. I am sure that the truth has to fall somewhere between the two. Just where the truth lies (interesting wordplay, that) may never be known.

Now I will put aside my foil hat until I decide to talk about UFOs.

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