Government proposes new SUV fuel standards

I found this article on Yahoo today. My first thought was, “so it only takes the at the pump pricing to average $2.50 nationally before even Bush decides he, being an Oil Man, is really raping the American people.” But then I read the rest of the article. Of course since I found it on Yahoo it is most likely an edited version of some AP post. With that in mind, I am gonna comment on a few of the high(?) points of the article. The proposal would require the auto industry to raise standards for most vehicles other than cars beginning in 2008. All automakers would have to comply with the new system by 2011. Okay, so the problem has been building for all of time. It really began to show its teeth in the oil shock in 1979(?), now we are finally going to do something about it, Continue reading Government proposes new SUV fuel standards

Pass me the duct tape!

Kudos to NASA, who released this statement, “NASA: No Flights Until Foam Issue Fixed “. That should be a comforting thought, right? Well, when the article that it leads to is This one, I am not so sure. The last time an American shuttle left the ground heading for space some foam tore away from it, that led directly to the deaths of a bunch of people. What on earth were the people on the ground doing after that? I ask only because, SPACE CENTER, Houston – NASA grounded future shuttle flights Wednesday because a big chunk of insulating foam flew off Discovery’s fuel tank during liftoff — as it did with Columbia — but this time apparently missed the spacecraft. So they went ahead and investigated the whole spacecraft, yet neglected to look at the weird foam flying off issue? As if they didn’t have any knowledge that the Continue reading Pass me the duct tape!

Stupid teen ruins it for everyone

I must admit that when I was in my teens I would often fantasize about having sex with one of my friend’s Mother. Of course nothing came of it, not that I didn’t try, I even busted out the “I don’t bite either but I swing a pretty mean tongue” line. Still she wouldn’t succumb to my blatant sexual advances. She missed out on the greatest thirty seconds of her life. But enough about me. It seems that one mother was into fulfilling fantasies. She invited all the boys over for parties with alcohol, drugs, and sex! The trifecta! I am not sure that it is such a good idea to be giving the juveniles drugs, probably not alcohol either, for those offenses she should be punished, but the sex? Johnson, who is free on bail, held parties for the boys almost weekly between October 2003 and October 2004, authorities Continue reading Stupid teen ruins it for everyone

My dogs are getting screwed again!

I am getting so damn sick of people punishing dogs for the ignorance of their owners. It’s not like we punish children just because they go around killing other people as a result of poor supervision, well, actually, that might be a really bad parallel to draw. When children go bad and start killing people they get punished, and the parents are looked down on by society (as they should be), while when a dog kills someone, the dog is put to death (without question), and the owner is looked down on by society. The thing is that in both cases it is the lack of proper supervision that leads to the end. Had anyone spent any time with junior (as he was accumulating a cache of weapons in his bedroom) that tragedy might have been avoided. Of course the “might” on this one is up in the air. Similarly, Continue reading My dogs are getting screwed again!

I have never had so much Pi(e)

I had long thought that my knowledge of pi to the twelfth number was pretty impressive, those numbers being 3.14159265359 (rounded of course). It turns out that I am really just a slack-jawed country boy. The headline reads: Man recites pi from memory to 83,431 places; Japanese counselor breaks his own personal best I don’t really know whether to react with fear or awe. Through a bit of cursory research however, I did find that most people do not count the 3 when talking about how far they have gotten with Pi. That means that my meager 12 digits is really only eleven digits (damn those old twelve digit calculators!). On the up side I do have Pi memorized about 1/7,585th as far as that guy, so, woo-hoo, top 10,000 baby! I have never really understood the importance of pi in the first place. Sure it is a computational tool Continue reading I have never had so much Pi(e)

Proud to be an American?

So it turns out that the state of Mississippi is no longer racist. Really. Check out the headline: Ex-KKK Member Convicted in 1964 Killings So, forty-one years after the crime they finally came up with enough evidence to convict one of the killers! That is great news! Unfortunately that is not the news at all. According to the article the same man was tried for the much lesser crime of violating the civil liberties of the victims in 1967 and walked away without a conviction. I know this all happened a long time ago, at a point where the south was still pretty pissed off about the abolition of slavery and certainly not ready to treat people of color as equals. I will go one step further to say that I don’t think they are any better today than they were in the ’60s. That being said, you would think Continue reading Proud to be an American?

You steal the pizza, you do the time

Much like every other time I have made ultimatums regarding this site, today I had no intention of making a post, then along comes the following headline: Elderly woman jailed over pizza delivery complaints I can feel her pain, I really can. Pizza is made to order and then deliverd to your house. If the pizza joint doesn’t deliver then 1) they aren’t gonna have a whole hell of a lot of business, 2) They are going to rely solely on ‘walk-in’ customers, since 3) Why would you advertise in the yellow pages if people had to walk/drive to your place, while every other pizza joint on earth delivers. The woman in question, however, might have been a bit too nit-picky. (I am going to quote the whole story since it is short.) CHARLOTTE, N.C. – An 86-year-old North Carolina woman spent two nights in jail after police said she Continue reading You steal the pizza, you do the time

Feedback; Terri Schiavo; Dinner

The screwy work schedule went about as predicted in the last post. However, it was my wife’s birthday yesterday, so even though I was off work at a very reasonable hour I was not able to post. Her parents, her brother, and her brother’s significant other took us out to dinner. More on that later. •I got an actual email! An email based on the content of the website, praising the site, and most of all completely unsolicited! I will quote it in its entirety, suppressing the name of course: I like your site! I have spent much of my work day trying to read as much as I can. I really enjoyed Meeting Arthur Witles! Can’t wait to read more! Keep up the great work! I know that my wife played a role in getting the web address to this person, but still, isn’t it this type of simple Continue reading Feedback; Terri Schiavo; Dinner

Shootout in Florence

Well, such as is the way of the universe, yesterday’s really short post went on to be within the top ten of my longest posts ever. I would like to attribute that all to my crack writing ability, as well as a good subject to write about, unfortunately, neither of those were actually the case. It seems that I am just a lot better at bitching about past experiences than current ones. I really don’t think that anyone out there is a bit different than me in that respect; it takes you years of thinking about an experience to get it etched into your long term memory. Whether that experience was good or bad, it ceratinly left a mark on me. Do you remember what you got for your birthday in 1983? If you do, I would certainly like to know why, which is why I put the ’email me’ Continue reading Shootout in Florence

Commercial law, Games, and Bad Santa

I decided to take a week off of updating this page, and for no damn reason whatsoever. This should lead to one of two responses; either you are angry that I didn’t mention I would be taking the time off, or you didn’t even notice. Most likely the latter I suspect. Fear not, nothing terrible has happened to myself or my family. I don’t have intentions of shutting down the page. I just didn’t feel like typing much over the last week. Not to mention that I didn’t find much of use in the news. I instead spent my computer time like I always did before I started this site, I played a lot of video games. And not even very good ones! • Here is one of those things that I could not believe when I saw it, but when I clicked through to read the article I found Continue reading Commercial law, Games, and Bad Santa