Rental repairs; Amusing news

There has been nothing at all that I felt like bitching about for the last few days, not that my life doesn’t suck every bit as badly as it always has, just that I am tired of talking about it. Life sucks, I’m used to it.

I have been doing a bit of work on one of the Owner’s rental houses over the last couple of days as well. Just hanging blinds and some general maintenance kind of stuff, but it has been taking a hell of a lot longer than it had ever taken me in the past. The reasons for this are multiple, depending on the particular window. Some of them have old screws and such that have been painted and plastered over, thus requiring me to find new ways of making window dressings be centered when there is no way to hang them in a central location. Don’t get me wrong, I did hang eleven blinds in this house, with the help of my brother-in-law on the first five, two of them were vertical, tall blinds, the other nine were simple, horizontal(venetian) blinds. Of all of the blinds that I did install there is only one blind that I has to install totally off from center, and that blind is less than a half of an inch off from center, i.e. if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t find it.

The most annoying part of this project has been that I have not ever actually had a key to unlock the door of this rental house. That meant that I had to actually “break in” to the house, which was a very simple task, I mean it doesn’t have a lock on the majority of the windows, and the ones that do have locks just have simple pins that can be pushed out with an ink pen. It is not a lot of fun to have to actually “break in” to a house that you are working on though. It seems kind of shady, but that was my only option, that or drive all the way back to get another key (which I found out later also didn’t work anyway). I need now only to put up a couple of replacement pieces of glass over the light fixtures in a couple of the rooms and that will be that. At least as far as what I am being paid for.

I suppose that I should let him know that none of the electrical outlets in the kitchen work, that all of the outlets througout the house are not secured to the walls, that there is no way an electrical inspector (or a building inspector for that matter) would let a house be rented or sold without ground fault circuit interruptors in the bathroom and near the kitchen sink. I might mention this all if the opportunity presents itself, but chances are the opportunity will never be there.

Enough about that though.

I read the news over there at yahoo today and found a story that I just loved. The headline is, “Priest, Nun Convicted After ‘Sex Act’ in Car”.

My first thought was ‘since when are priests attracted to women?’ My second thought was ‘Since when are women attracted to priests?’ I guess that I should be concerned that the sanctity of the priesthood is being challenged, but, come on, he is a guy. I bet when GOD ‘calls’ people to the priesthood he doesn’t mention that there will be certain things that you will feel inside your pants that you can only alleviate in one way, that way is forbidden. I suppose that it is no wonder the priests start looking at young boys as…well…warm spots really. I suppose there comes a point where even a priest will have desires. Why he can’t take care of that desire with a local prostitute is unknown to me.

I guess that the nuns are attracted to the money, the power, all of the stuff that goes along with being a priest, but then I saw this particular quote in that news artical:

Passers by alerted police at Lilongwe International Airport after the parked Toyota Corolla, which had tinted windows, began shaking in what police described as “a funny manner.”

Damn, it only takes a Toyota Corolla to land a NUN? I am at least one step up from there with my car, still I doubt I could land a NUN! Of course, I am not going to have the Papal authority to land a NUN in the first place, but neither does your average priest. As I previously stated, I find this surprising ONLY because there was a woman involved. Had it been another priest raping pre-teen males I would have just thought it was the status quo. When that priest starts treading on my turf (you know, hetrosexual women) that is the point where the Church has overstepped their boundaries! To be fair, I guess both Priests and Nuns aren’t allowed to have sex, so to put it in simpler terms, it is like Fucking your sister if you happen to be religious.

The problem then becomes that no rational man or woman would ever sign up to be involved in a religious cult if they knew that it would cost them the freedom to use their body as they see fit. I understand that there are those that would say that any sexual temptation that a new priest feels is “the devil’s try” but, that is every priest who has ever lived! Now they have taken to having sex with anything that wiggles. Is that really how you want your little priest to grow up? No! you want him to be molesting children for the next fifty years, right? That is the only advantage of the Priesthood after all.

Bleh. Done for now.

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