PC; Pat Tillman

I got the brand new computer today, and, as such, I am still trying to figyre out how everything works.

There were a few issues, which none of you give a damn about, that I have to talk about, for no good reason.

It took a good 45 minutes or so to get my ftp client working correctly. Whether that is related to using a different Operating System, or my own idiocy is something that I am pretty sure will never be clear. I think that it will be the new ‘conspiracy theory’. First, JFK is killed, then Kurt Cobain, and after all of that, my ftp client takes some extra nudging to work…. Sounds like a cover up to me…

• I read what Flux had written over there at BlackChampagne (whose layout I totally ripped off, but that is a whole different story). I am glad to see that he now concedes that ‘Pat Tillman’ may not have been an ‘over-the-top’, gung-ho military guy who just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time…

There are some issues about his death that just do not click correctly in my mind. First, he died in Afghanastan, not Iraq. Second, he put his life on the line to try to eliminate the terrorism in Afghanastan. He died fighting against the soldiers in a completely different country than described in the web site that I read, and also what most other people likely saw.

Certainly, Pat Tillman does not deserve sainthood, but he does deserve to be remembered far better than those of us who tend to bitch about the military, yet do not have the fortitude to give up a comfortable life to protect the freedom that we hold so dear.

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