Web searches changing broadcast news?

Well, like it says above, it is Friday, it is about 7:30p.m. my time and I have had a couple of hours at home to try to come up with something to post here, that has not happened. I have read the news sites that I read on a daily basis, and been sorely disappointed. I have read the blogs that I read on a daily basis, and found nothing of worth to lash out about in them either. Either the world is just getting so damn predictable that I don’t feel the need to point it out, or I am just getting a tad sick of it all (by that I mean any form of media in general, t.v. news, web news, blogs, just everything in the media).

I think what may be happening here is that the major internet sites may be giving in a bit to the pressure of your average consumer. By that, I mean that they are posting stories in their major headlines that are a bunch of crap that I am sure is the result of so many people searching for it. Sure lots of people that are living in the Jerry Springer Watching areas of the US are interested in seeing that Janet Jackson is going to be on T.V. later this month, but is that news? Then there is the story about Howard Stern being the moderator in an interview with her. The lack of links here is directly related to my lack of giving a shit about it. She showed a tit, he talks about sex, what in the hell has the US come to when that is more important than the soldiers that we are killing to try to make sure that rich, white americans can be driving hummers? That seems to be the way the American psyche is swinging and, being American, I can not believe that we have failed so much as a society that we would put material things above human life…But, we are capitalists…

To clarify that last paragraph just a bit, what I was intending to say is that we are having soldiers die in Iraq still, just to protect the oil-fields. While people wealthy enough to buy those gas-guzzling Hummers are actually getting tax breaks. Our media, however, does not think that is nearly as newsworthy as a 60 year old tit that popped out during the super bowl.

I don’t like the way I am going with this so I will stop now. I said at the founding of this site that I would not mention news, then I changed it to not doing political type news. I have strong opinions when it comes to the policies of the administration in charge of my country, but they are my views and everyone else is free to feel/think otherwise and it was never my intention to put anything either way on this site. It is, after all, the freedom of choice that makes our country strong, but when you have to dig through the data-bases of several news sites to find out what atrocities America has done today, I just have to sigh.

Now to the happy clowns!

Damn, I don’t have any happy clown pictures to link to…Okay so just imagine that clown from the old ‘Scoobie-Doo’ show and picture him in your mind, then continue. Now that I think about it, he was a rather freaky looking clown, maybe not the best one to think of. Okay, so picture John Gacy in a full clown outfit, wait, that is a bad example also. How about the rainbow-haired guy that was showing up in sporting events on t.v. in the late seventies-early eighties holding up the ‘john 3:16’ sign, wait, he was later arrested for holding hostages in a hotel.

Okay, quit thinking about clowns.

I was thinking about putting a photo of a very cute puppy here, in a thumbnail, that when clicked would show a photo of a rabid dog. The thing is that I can not find a really good photo of a rabid dog. Poo. Oh well, I am sure that I will find something better to put on this site in the days to come, so I won’t have to do such ruses, but I probably will anyway. I am an ass, after all.

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