Lingering pain…

I worked for only four hours today, and even in that limited time my neck and head were just throbbing. I was not able to take the muscle relaxant pill that would have taken away from the pain, so I just had to suck it up. Once back at home I was able to drop a few Motrin, that took a bit of the pain away, then I started to consume some liquid courage (beer, to the layman) and that seemed to ease the pain a bit also. I have to be at work again in roughly 13 hours, and I am not at all happy about it, but I must do my normal daily activities if I am ever to be healed. The only question, in my mind, is that they said that I may need to get a ‘head and neck MRI’ if the pain persisted. The pain has persisted, but I am doing my best to work through it, while if I did have a herniated disc in my neck it would probably require surgery, if it is not a herniated disc, it will only require time to heal.

Since it still hurts like you would not believe, I will not talk about it any more. I will say, though, that I used to think that it really hurt to get a piercing (ear or nipple) and I have since realized that the pain of a piercing, even in the nipple, is not even a quarter of the pain that I have in the base of my skull currently.

To elaborate on that last paragraph, I had a piercing in my nipple that was ripped out. My nipple is still in two pieces to look at, but even that does/did not hurt as much as this pain in my neck does now (the pain that I felt when the ring was actually ripped from my nipple was close, but no cigar).

On to other things.

I have been watching the ‘Survivor All-Stars’ all season. I am really happy to see them fight like dogs from the start, but when they start throwing in crap about their mother, or sexual abuse, I am not on board with that. I have nothing against the people who decide to “vote themselves”, but it certainly makes for a boring show. If you know half-way through the show who is not going to be there the next show what is the incentive to watch the final half?

In the original ‘survivor’ I could have expected those kinds of antics, but in the all-star version every damn one of them should know what they are in for. If you want to play ‘four-square’, a new square just opened up somewhere between survivor and reality. If you don’t want to play, then thank you and go home, you don’t have the weight to carry the game. The demeanor of any man/woman/child is certainly going to change when the reward goes from just living to a million dollars.

I have a diatribe that I really want to put here, but, it is late and I do need to get up tomorrow, so you should just wait for it.

Perhaps tomorrow I will be more in the mood to chat.

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