Keyboard; Belly shirts

Yesterday’s update was by far the shortest in the brief history of this site. There was no real reason for that, well there was, but I don’t want to get into it, so just believe what I tell you.

I thought that this new keyboard had been doing pretty well, and it has, but I am still having some issues with a lot of it. For one, my last keyboard tapered very slowly from the desk to the keys, this one is almost rounded on the way there, it forces my wrists to be higher than they usually are when I type, and it is a bit painful. Another involves the keys to the right of the letters. Instead of having the print screen, scroll lock, and pause at the same level where the F keys are, they are right down against the insert, home, and page up keys, then after the delete, end, and page down keys, the up arrow is right there touching the end key. I am sure this will not be that difficult to get used to, the only real problem is that when I try to hit the insert key, most of the time I get the print screen, since it is exactly where the insert was on my last keyboard. Similarly, when I try to page up I am getting the pause key, while when I try to page down I am getting the page up.

Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have just gone ahead and bought the microsoft one, since if they continue to use their format, I bet all the other companies will soon start to do it as well -regardless of how non-sensical it is. As it looks now, I am literlly going to have to learn a new keyboard every time I am required to buy one. Makes me wish I had the means to just go buy about a dozen or so of this one so I would never need to, but, even if I had the means, I am sure that in two years there wont be USB ports on computers anymore so I would just have a dozen obsolete keyboards. Technology sucks.

The last thing about the keyboard that is giving me problems is that it is new. I am sure that everyone knows that when they are new you kind of have to really mean it when you hit a key. Once you have been using it for a few years just a gentle touch will get a letter on the screen, when it is new you really have to push down to get it. It doesn’t really affect my typing speed, as I am pretty quick in that respect, but it does affect my accuracy as I will often see that I am missing about every fifth letter, but by the time I see that I have missed one letter my fingers have already thrown up a few more. It is quicker for me to just backspace and re-write the few that I delete than to try to arrow key it back, then fix the typo, then arrow key it forward.
So, bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I am breaking this thing in, there will likely be a lot of typos, and as I have previously stated I do not have the ability to spell check. As I have also stated I do not proof read before posting. I fear that if I did proof read I would change everything all around, I think that would kind of cheapen the whole concept of doing this daily update in the first place. I am not entirely sure if it would actually be possible to cheapen the daily update itself, but I would like to think so.

One other thing regarding computers and this site. I keep forgetting to change my why I’m mad today, don’t care and fun to hate things. Of course this doesn’t really matter so much at this point, since my readership is pretty much only me, I just fear that I may not get into the habit of doing them every day if I continue to wait until the rest of this is written. It was my goal to make them thematically linked to what I had written here, and since I never know what I am going to write here until I sit down and get it about 2/3 of the way done I can’t really change them in advance. If I do continue to forget to update them I will likely do them first and then try to make this section relate to them, but I think that would not work nearly as well, as I seem to write better with a blank slate than I do with a particular set of topics in mind. That being said, on to the bitching!

I was originally planning to do something about Ded Bob today. That has changed due to unforseen circumstances.

Belly Shirts

Belly shirts are a wonderful thing, if you can pull it off. There is the problem. While I was out recently, I noticed a disturbing trend… Low cut jeans with belly shirts are on the rise, as well as the relative size of people wearing them…

I saw about 10-12 women with the low-cut jeans and belly shirts on the day in question, perhaps one of them had the body to pull it off. There was one particular woman (that my wife and I spoke of later) who looked like she was, or could have been, 5-6 months pregnant that was going for that look. It certainly DID NOT WORK. Another woman who was going for this look was pulling it off, kind of, from the front, but a quick turn-and-look revealed what looked like an inner-tube hanging over the side and back of her low cut pants.

Mind you, I am in no position to bitch about fitness or the state of the body, but I did quit wearing half-shirts when what used to be a six-pack had somehow transformed into more of a keg.

If one wishes to follow a trend, one should choose a trend that is more suited to them. If one is anything other than a teen-ager, one should keep in mind that the little whores like “Britney” will not be remebered in about like 11 seconds. The ‘muscle shirt’ from the eighties lasted only about three years. Spandex made their run in like two years (though to this day I would swear that every overweight single woman that goes to the laundromat still wears them). Mesh shirts have also gone the way of the “Dodobird”. Todays fashion is tomorrow’s ‘faux-pa’.

My solution for this is simple: Become one with the Shadowtwinian’s. After that you can do as you please. I run a pretty loose religion over here, I am open to any input, as long as you don’t have 68 pounds of ass and gut hanging out of a pair of jeans and shirt that fit you back when you were like seven…

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