In the interest of keeping up my slothful nature, I have not done a bit of work on the site today. The reason for that is simple, ‘Morrowind’. It is not that I am totally into the game, more like I am trying to figure it out. One thing that I can say is that is has beautiful graphics (my machine is 466mhz, 256mb ram, Nvidia gforce 2). My system does not even meet the minimum requirements, yet the game really does look pretty cool.

I don’t really play a lot of games, other than diabloII, but I did do a short run on everquest. This game seems very similar to that, only you don’t have to wait for three or more hours for the monster that you are looking for to load. This game seems to me, after a few hours of playing, to forget to tell the player which way the story is going. These are things that you can find out if you talk to ‘literally’ everyone that you see as the game goes on, but I would think that the majority of gamers would rather want to know what to do next without having to jump through hoops (unless the hoops that we are jumping through result in real life threesomes).

At this, very early, point of gameplay, I will not offer an opinion. I will spend more hours on this game only because the game judged me poorly for trying to ‘steal’ an item. I wasn’t really trying to steal the item, I was just curious to see what it would let you do before it called security. I may have a further opinion on this in a few days.

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