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Well, I uploaded yesterday’s update to the wrong folder, not that it matters with my current readership being only me. It was still accessible had one clicked the link for ‘Next Update’ at the bottom of the page. So that means that there really was a good reason why I put the link to the next update on there, even though about 99% of the time it is a dead link here on the main page.

The good news is that after uploading and reading that update, it was probably better that it not grace the front of this site for even a day. Not that I think it was particulary bad, just that I had hoped to be somewhat impartial with what I write here. Yesterday’s update was far from it, in fact I actually wanted to flame myself for some of the points I was trying to make. Let that be a lesson to me, Proof-read before posting. Proof-reading is one thing that I never do before I post, another is spell check. I would like to do spell check, but I do not have a word processor installed on this machine, so I just assume that it is good enough for my purposes. It is not like I am writing something that is going to be published in a national newspaper or anything.

I was thinking again about what else I might want to put on this site. I have decided that I am going to put some crap on here that I have done, a couple of java applets, maybe even this one piece of music that I was working on a while ago. I set about to searching my hard drives for copies of these items, but was unable to find the majority of them. I know that I have had them posted on various free sites at some time or another so I will go to search them out. Fear not, if I do not find them you will probably be better off than if I do.

As I began to re-write one of the Arthur Witles stories yesterday, I was disappointed to see that it made reference to yet another story which I do not have a copy of. I remember a few of the one-liners from it, and also remember it as being one of the better ones. I so do hate technology. There was a time when I wrote everything on paper, and never, not even once did my file cabinet say “that device is not accessable”. I guess this is my punishment for putting too much trust into microsoft based technology.

I left in the reference to the Arthur Witles story that I no longer have, and with any luck I will remember enough of the story to be able to write it again. I guess it will probably be better to just do a complete re-write anyway, as with most of my stories it is utter crap. For some reason I have become a better writer over the years without ever practicing the craft. It is strange how that can happen, but not surprising. Writing is one of the only things I can think of where you can get better by not doing it. Imagine a guitarist getting better at guitar by simply listening to other guitarists, it just does not happen. As a writer, though, the more you read the more fluent you become. I am still far from a publishable author, I might well never be, but I would like to think that I am now able to at least tell a story that doesn’t make the average reader vomit in disgust. That is, of course, debatable.

I am going to leave this where it is, there are a few files that I want to get uploaded and stories to write. If, in 100 years, someone is digging through these archives and is disappointed by the the fact that I managed to coney 0 information in this update, tough titty.

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