Currently, there is still no way that no one can access my site other than a direct request. That is, I am still not to be found through any web search available. I would have thought that the process would have been a bit quicker to get that all going. It does not upset me, as I do not really have a damn thing on here worth reading, I just would really like to see which ruse pulls the most traffic. At any rate, I soldier on. Why? I gots no idea.

I have said previously that I would not list any news on this site, but I am now going to officially break that promise to (me) the reader.

I have long hated Wal-Mart for their scheming business practices, and the fact that they pay their employees SHIT. They will move into a new area and spread like a virus, killing the local economy that used to be there. But, you ask, how can they kill an economy when they create new jobs? Simple math. Say that the new Wal-Mart opens up, and it is employing fifty people, sounds like a new job opportunity in that area, but when you figure in the fact that in the process they are closing a dozen or so ‘Ma and Pa’ type stores that each have many employees -who no longer have a job once ‘Wal-Mart’ hits town- ‘Wal-Mart’ is putting more people out of work than it is employing. At the same time they are driving down the wages that they have to pay their employees by only hiring High School Drop-Outs, who have no other option.

I am in the grocery business, and have been for about a decade, and I know enough to know about fair compensation vs. inflation. ‘Wal-Mart’ consistently does not give raises to their employees. ‘Wal-Mart’ ventures further into the “pseudo-slave” market by offering a health plan that will run out at 100,000 dollars -that may seem like a big coverage, but it is not enough to even cover a single heart bypass surgery… and if you had any other condition before that point that required surgery it would also take away from the total…The rest you would have to pay for on your own.

I thought that I was the extreme in this hatred for ‘Wal-Mart’, then I saw a feature in the Arizona Republic

There was one quote that I absolutely loved from that article, which was on the front page of the newspaper “It’s no different than what the Nazis did in World War II. It’s a blitzkrieg. They are doing economically what the Nazis did militaristically.”

Okay, I may not have actually equated ‘wal-mart’ with the Nazis. Though they may have been a close second. Inflation is, on average, 3% a year. If you give your employees less than that( as a raise ) , you are basically telling them to go elsewhere for work. Wal-Mart does this repeatedly, and not just to the grunts, they actually terminate employees just before they will be fully ‘vested’ in their retirement plans. Why isn’t that in the commercials about how happy they make communities?

The only prayer that we have is that someone, somewhere, sometime realizes that ‘Wal-Mart’ is certainly not in the best interest of the laborer/consumer, but in the best interest of ‘Wal-Mart’.

Take from this what you will. But, for the love of Christ (or whoever you choose as a diety), please do not shop at ‘wal-mart’.

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