Well this is quite interesting. I guess there must be a god, and microsoft must own his ass. I babbled almost incoherently about microsoft yesterday, and though my site still has not been found by search engines, and according to my stats has only been viewed by three people, I am having some really strange issues with the content that I posted yesterday. Of course there is no way this has anything to do with microsoft, it is just a slap of Karma I guess. Well, not even that, as it turns out, I had somehow managed to save an html file as a unicode text document by mistake. So much for conspiracy theories or divine retribution.

I am curious to know how long it will take fot the search engines to find the site. I don’t really know how they work or how often they update, but it would be nice if I were to search for a string of text, that I put in with the intention of getting hits, to show my site in the results. Why else would I have made reference to free live streaming animal sex videos? I clearly have no intention of putting anything like that on this site…at this point…

On a completely different subject. If there is anyone out there who happens to be digging through these old updates at any point, and you can answer for me a question I would appreciate it. I have a floppy disk that has several witles stories and a couple of horror stories on it. I put it into the drive -after it had done nothing but collect dust for years- and read/edited the stories, then saved them back to the disk. Every file opened perfectly, they saved no problem. Yet, the next day when I put the disk in it says the device is not accesible. It still spins freely, there is no hang-up with the sliding silver part, I didn’t spill any maple syrup on it, what could have happened to it in the fourteen hours between it working and not working? That may be rhetorical though.

On to various musings about site creation. Yesterday’s update was the worst ever. That is not really saying much when there are only like five altogether, but I think I set the bar so low that I may never be able to reach that level of absolute crap again, that is of course debatable. My only solace is the fact that I am the only one in the entire world who actually read it. So I guess what I am saying is that the purpose of this site is so that I can post absolute crap that no one except me ever reads. That would make a hell of a mission statement then, wouldn’t it?

I am going to create a page to link to from the rent sign on the sidebar. I had never seen anyone put up anything like that on the internet (the rent sign) so I want to have a page there just in case anyone is actually curious enough to click through and see if it is legit. I really doubt anyone will actually click it, so I am thinking of making the page it links to just a humorous type thing. Possibly offering to put there ad there for a penny per second, just to see if anyone realizes that that is like 864 dollars a day. Or maybe even just go for the gusto and just offer to put an ad there for a Million dollars per month (with the fine print saying 2 year minimum contract).

I don’t really think it even matters what I put there, it seems to me that the only effective internet marketing is for porn, and I wouldn’t want to put myself in the position where it was necessary to actually have a link to some strange porn page on my site. Now if that was a voluntary link that would be completely different. But I am quite sure that if I tried to use my ‘rent box’ legitimately that it would result in nothing but porn. Of course that is all very far down the road, like when there are more readers than just me. It is just fun to toy with concepts while the site is all so fresh and new.

I think that may also be the reason that these updates are just so rambling and incoherent. There are so many things that I want to get to, and so little time to do it. I, of course, don’t keep notes relating to any ideas that I may have, so that leaves me just babbling about it here, when if I just started doing whatever the idea was I would probably have it completed by now. It is strange how that works. Even stranger is why I continue to do these updates when I know that no one else is reading them.

I guess that is just about enough babbling for today. I still hope to get another witles story posted today, as well as completing the for rent page.

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