The things aging rockers say

I was taking in reruns of the vh1 special the history of hard rock, not to be confused with the history of heavy metal(which I also watched), or the history of rock & roll(which wasn’t on this weekend), if you asked me why I was watching at it, I would stare at you blankly for a few minutes before finally admitting that I didn’t know. Stupid shows and their stupid luring you in by counting backwards!

So as the countdown got down to the top five I was pretty sure who was going to be in it, just not sure how they were going to be ordered. It is vh1 after all, it was entirely possible that Led Zepplin could lose to the Backstreet Boys, thankfully that didn’t happen.

When they started doing celebrity clips about Nirvana, I laughed really hard when they got to the clip from C. C. Deville (who has probably the worst conceived name in the history of really shitty hair bands). He said, “Nirvana was like a musical enema. For me anyway. I loved it.”

Isn’t that an odd fetish?

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