The luck of the donkey

Usually when I get to the showdown in hold ’em, if the other guy has triple or quadruple the stack that I do I will just give it up. It really isn’t worth the time to try to fight my way back, especially since I am already in the money. I thought I did that today, but instead of calling me all in, the guy left me with $40 in chips -to his stack of $13,460. Why? I gots no idea.

I didn’t even have enough chips to make the blind at that point, so I was all in on the next hand. And the hand after. And the hand after. I just had to take a screenshot of it, this is simply unbelievable luck:

I doubled up on five consecutive hands, then went on to win a total of eleven in a row. I took the lead away from him on the fourteenth hand, and was actually feeling a little bit bad for him.

Shortly after this, we agreed to go all in on a hand regardless of the cards. He happened to have better cards that time, so he won. But the chat that was going on while I was doubling up on every hand was simply priceless.

I will just file this under the “I doubt anyone would believe me if I didn’t have a screenshot” section.

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