Windows; million dollar bill

I really had high hopes for today. I found a couple of news items that I really wanted to bitch about, and had a thought for what to put below. Then my father’s twin sister called me on the phone and it all went to hell.

I really wanted to bitch about several news items that I saw today, but I am not able to because of the time.

Well, I may be able enough to give it a go. So here is the first headline;

Microsoft Says Latest Software Flaw ‘Critical’

SEATTLE (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq:MSFT – news) upgraded a recent security warning to “critical” after discovering new ways in which an attacker could run malicious software on a vulnerable computer, the world’s largest software maker said on Wednesday.

So when is the last time that you heard about a problem with the security on a macintosh system? Is that a rhetorical question or does the Imac team just handle it a lot better? I don’t really know myself, but, I think I may find it out soon.

Was she thinking that they would make change for this or what? I mean it is a Million Dollars. so they would check with their supervisors and give her back over 900,000 in cash? Not a good ruse to try at a Wal-Mart. It is not even a really clear copy of the bill in question, but I would think that even your average “Circle K” employee would notice that it was a bill that far exceeded the twenty bucks or so that they keep in their till. It does look like real american money, but that is what they are going for when they make the fake million dollar bills, isn’t it?

Should we kill the people who made that bill? No way, that is the ‘ignorance of the consumer’ in action. The people will find a way to sucker anyone in for any reason. If your ignorance plays a part then you are less of a person than I thought you were…

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