Neck injury; The most adorable dog photo ever

Well, you know how one day you are at work and something bad happens and you think to yourself – or say aloud- this is the worst day of my life? I know I have sure said that a few times in my day but I can most definitely proclaim without a bit of doubt that when I said that yesterday, that statement was true, and likely will remain the pinnacle of shitty days in my life for a very long time. At this point you must be wondering what could possibly have been so bad about it, so I will tell the tale below.

The day started out just as every day, I awoke and took a leisurely stroll around the perimeter of my estate, my two faithful dogs by my side. A songbird flew from a branch of the the old pine tree near the stream, it landed on my shoulder and sang as I caressed its gentle feathers…Then the alarm clock went off and I woke up and fought my way past the dogs to the bathroom. I started the shower, shaved really quick and jumped in. After I had finished rinsing my hair, as I was reaching to turn off the water, someone hit me square at the base of my skull with a very heavy object.

It took a few seconds for the initial sharp pain to subside. I had either blacked out briefly, or the pain had just forced my legs out from under me, either way, I was on one knee in the bottom of the tub by the time I had a chance to look around. I didn’t see the guy with the bat, so he must be really quick, or maybe he was never there, that depends on how one feels about conspiracy theories I guess. The pain was still throbbing in my neck, right at the base of my skull, but I continued my normal routine confident that it would shortly go away. It didn’t.

I staggered naked into the bedroom, thinking that maybe if I could lay down for a minute it would go away. The truth was that the very second my head touched the pillow the pain quadrupled. I sat up and said to my wife, “I need to go to the hospital”. She looked at me for a second, I guess not quite sure if I was joking. We have been together for seven years, and in that time I have never even been to see a doctor, hell, I have only been in the hospital twice, once when I was born and once when I had third degree burns, when I was two. She must have been able to see that I was serious, as she immediately began to get dressed, and called my work to tell them that she was taking me to the emergency room.

As I began to try to get dressed, that was when I really began to worry. There are a few things in life that one should not need help doing, especially at 29. Dressing yourself is one of them, and I don’t mean the color-coordination kind of shit, I mean that I was not able to put on my own shirt, she had to button it for me. I gave up all hope in even trying to get my shoes on under my own power and just slid my feet into my flip-flops, and off we went.

The nearest hospital is at least a thirty minute drive from us, and the roads on the way are very bumpy, which is normally not a problem, but when each bump feels like someone ramming an icepick into the base of your skull..Let me just say that it seemed a bit more bumpy than usual. I was forced to remove the head rest from the seat only a couple miles into the trip, since it was pushing at my head, and thus magnifying the bumps in the road. The problem was that without the head rest my body was forcing my neck to do a bobble-head thing, and honestly I don’t know which one hurt worse.

The thirty minute drive took about eleven years. Actually, it probably took about forty minutes due to being stuck behind people who just didn’t seem to know or care that I really wanted medical attention. As it turns out, the hospital was much like the inconsiderate drivers. I was not able to stand when we arrived there (well, I did walk in, so I guess I was capable of doing it, it just hurt so badly when I did it that I was afraid I may feint from the pain) so I just sat down and let my wife take care of getting me on the list.

I must go off topic for a second here to bitch about the list. This isn’t a fucking night club, its a hospital. So you come in with a knife sticking out of your skull, do they put you on the list behind the guy who is here for a tetinus shot after getting a minor cut from a rusty soda can? Now, I know that everyone thinks that THEIR problem requires immediate attention, but come on. By all indications I had a severe spinal or cervial problem, you know the type of thing that usually ends up in you being restrained flat on a board with your head in a collar while they rush you to x-ray. Not the case here, I guess I wasn’t on “The List”.

I sat there patiently. I waited for over an hour, and every second the pain was getting worse. The pain was no longer just in my neck, my head was throbbing, I could feel my pulse in my eyeballs. I was keeping them closed to avoid the triple-vision thing that was happening each time my heart beat, also, I was pushing the palms of my hands hard against my temples to keep my head from exploding. In hindsight, I guess if my head was going to explode it would not have cared if my hands were there, but it helped to ease the pain a bit. If they had not called me back into triage when they did, I may not be here typing this now.

I could barely walk at this point, and again, I mean that the action was fluid, I could do it, it just hurt so bad. Every time my heart beat it was like I could feel it in every single capillary from head to toe. I walked as slowly as I could to try to give me time to breathe between steps. Upon arriving in the little room, the nurse began to ask some questions while the machine was taking my blood pressure. Now that I am thinking back on it, I can not remember some of the questions, I know my eyes were closed the entire time, I remember her asking my weight, and not believing me, then making me get on the scale. I remember barely being able to do that since I could not look down. I remember her telling me to sit back down and be very still. I remember hearing her say to a doctor something about getting me on a bed and stabilized before I had a seizure. I remember my wife crying, and me telling her not to worry I was going to be fine. Then some guy putting something around my neck that took some of the pressure away. Then letting me sit down, on a bed, and the throbbing receding just a bit.

I am going to go off topic again about “The List”. I guess it is pretty clear that I didn’t die, since I am typing this, but I wonder how close I actually came because of sitting out there waiting all that time. My blood pressure, when they finally got me into triage was 180something over 106, that was why they were worried that I was going to have a seizure. Any time that bottom number gets over 100 it is like a stroke looking for a place to happen (which was why I was feeling my hearbeat in every damn extremity). Why this actually happened to me I am not sure, nor did they have an explanation. My best guess is that the pain had driven my body into shock and that if I had not have gotten the pressure taken off of my neck I may have either had a stroke or gone into cardiac arrest. -But the guy in front of me, who needed a tetinus shot after being cut on a rusty soda can is going to be just fine, thank you.-

I sat on the bed there, wearing the collar, for a time while speaking to various other nurses and telling the same story about a dozen times, every one of them asking me to squeeze their hands (which I am assuming was to make sure that I had not lost use of the muscles in my hands, but who knows). Then they carted me off to x-ray.

That was a pretty amazing turn of events, eh? Let the guy sit out there waiting over an hour, then when you decide to see him you see that there is a real possibility that the guy may have a very major problem. So after an hour in the waiting room they got me into triage, and in less than twenty minutes after that I was in x-ray.

Once I returned from the x-rays, there was a guy waiting there with some pain killer. He wanted to inject me with pain killer. I am not big on needles, but I really didn’t want to be injected with the pain killer. My logic was that I do not use any drugs, except nicotine, caffeine and alcohol, and wanted to be able to walk out of the place if they were to release me at the end of the ordeal. The guy went and checked on this with the nurse, who then spoke to me, and we agreed that I could take a percacet in lieu of a debilitating shot. At this point, the man who brought me the percacet took my blood pressure again and it was down to 153/80, which is not really all that great by any stretch, but the fear of seizure was not there anymore. It occurs to me that had they gotten me into the collar to stabilize my neck, oh, say an hour earlier, there might not have been an issue with the blood-pressure?

At any rate, due to the nature of symptoms, combined with the blood-pressure they observed when I first got into triage, they wanted to do a CT Scan. I was in no position to argue, what being hardly able to walk, plus a good lie down seemed like a good thing at this point. The guy said that the scan would last for about twenty minutes, but I swear the second I laid down, the guy said I was done. I vaguely remember whirring noises as I was being pushed through this ..thing.. but I could swear it was nowhere near twenty minutes. -Them percacet pills must be good stuff-

So the good news is that the CT Scan showed that I do indeed have a brain (I have often wondered) and beyond that, my brain is normal. Well, they didn’t ever use the word ‘normal’ so I guess what they were getting at is that my brain did not have any huge clots or hemorrhaging, so I did not have a stroke. In even better news, I did not have a brain tumor – you see I have this recurring dream where I have a tumor in my brain that they must remove, and when the do the surgery I lose the use of my legs- So the problem is not with my brain, or my bones, so I am golden, right?

Not necessarily. My official release papers say that what I have is a ‘cervical strain’, and that I should use prescription ibuprofen and muscle relaxers(if/when necessary). Oh yeah, and wear one of those neck brace donut things. But they ( CT Scan and X-ray Techs )also said that it is possible that what I have is a herniated disc in my neck,(which the x-rays can miss) so if the condition does not improve, or if it worsens, that I should get a referral from my doctor for a head/neck MRI. Why the hell didn’t they just do that sometime in the 4 hours I was in the damn emergency room?

Now I certainly understand why I have this phobia of the hospital. I just can’t figure out what in the hell their agenda is. If I had died in the waiting room, you know when I was so close to having a seizure or stroke, would they not be held accountable since they had not yet seen me? If so, is that what they are going for? So if they are gonna die, let them do it in the waiting room, if they can live for an hour we will go ahead and treat them. Perhaps that was the reason that they did not let me read or sign the liabilty statement until they released me?

Once the blood-pressure went down, the pain was just in my neck, that is a kind of pain that I can endure. Mind you, I still have a problem if I try to bend completely down to pick something up off of the floor, but as long as my head stays above my heart I seem to be doing pretty well. I took enough ibuprofen on that first day to kill a goat, as well as a muscle relaxer, on top of the percacet, and I slept pretty well. In the morning the pain was all in my neck, just imagine the ‘crick’ you get in your neck from sleeping funny, then multiply that by about ten and that is the pain that I am feeling even as I write this. Yet, if I lay in the bed to let it heal, my back begins to hurt (and that is something that I have been battling since I was 16 or so), so I must pick my poison. The more I move my neck about, or even just using the muscles to hold it in place, the less the pain becomes as I move. I am certainly hoping for a speedy recovery, but this was certainly the ‘worst day of my life’.

On to happier thoughts. I have not shown any pictures of my beloved dogs here yet, so I will do so now. Keep in mind that they are beloved part of the time, kind of tolerable part of the time, and a nuisance all the rest of the time. They are pretty obedient, especially Warlock, he will do whatever you tell him to. Zelda, on the other hand, is not quite at the same level of obedience. We give her a bit of leeway since she is not fully grown, but she is nearing the time where her puppy antics will result in a swift smack to the snout.

As always, click on the picture for a larger size view.

This is the newer of our two dogs. We named her Zelda. She is quite a good little dog at least like what 30% of the time, the rest of the time is spent chasing her around to take whatever it is that she is chewing on out of her mouth. Sometimes she is chewing on our shoes and the such (as puppies do) other times she will be chewing on electrical cords, whcih puppies don’t really ever do if they want to live to wag another day.

This is our other dog Warlock, he is quite the ham. He will pose for any damn picture any damn where. If he sees that little box in your hands he knows that it is treats, when it turns out to be photos instead he really doesn’t seem to care, just as long as all your attention is focused on him. In the larger photo you can definitely tell that he is expecting a reward… the truth of it is that we were trying to take pictures of Zelda at the time, but I just really like this pose.

Zelda is also just a bit too quick to get a good shot of her. In a few months I am sure that she will calm down a bit so that we can get a few clean shots of her, but as for now we takes ’em like we gets ’em.

Abortion; Columbine

I had every intention of doing an update yesterday (perhaps I should start calling it a blog?), and had found a few little news things to bitch at, and had even written them up. Then Survivor came on television, and I never got back to it. The thing about the ‘so-called’ reality shows like that is that you feel like you have to watch every minute or you will miss something, which may or may not be true, but they certainly do sucker us in. Why this kind of stuff is being called reality t.v. is still a mystery to me, I mean in reality no one really gets stuck on an island with a bunch of strangers who then have to do immunity and reward challenges. I mean reality t.v. would be like a half an hour of a couple folding clothes in a laundromat wouldn’t it?

As for the idea of doing news, when I began this site I really didn’t think I wanted to do anything like that as it has been done to death on lots of sites. But, those sites do add their own unique spin to the stories that make it a more enjoyable read (in my opinion), and while I am not a pundit on any matter, I do have some pretty strong opinions. Also, this has given me a reason to read a lot of news articles that I likely would not have read otherwise. I am still going to try to shy away from doing much as far as political type news, as I just do not have enough information about the majority of the issues to give myself a sturdy soapbox from which to bitch. If I do start any political bitching it will likely be about issues that every person in the U.S. likely has an opinion on, just to get my opinion out there.

Take this story for instance.

The two sides also argued over language in the bill that defines “unborn child” as “a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb.”
Critics said that under this definition even a fertilized egg would have the same rights as the born, setting the stage for future challenges to abortion rights.

I think that argument is all about semantics, so I don’t really see why there is such fuss over it. But, I am also the type of person to think that logic will always prevail, which is one of my greatest downfalls. Over the course of human history it seems that logic is more likely to be persecuted than to prevail…Ask Galileo about that one…

But those behind the bill noted that identical language was used in a 2000 bill that barred the execution of pregnant women. That bill passed the House 417-0 but didn’t move in the Senate.
The House has also twice before, in 1999 and 2001, passed unborn victims bills, but in both those cases as well the Senate, where abortion rights lawmakers hold greater sway, did not take up the legislation.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., has pledged to bring up the bill soon, but it’s uncertain whether he has the votes to pass it.

Okay, so what I really want to know is how it is possible that any bill can make it through the house unanimously, and not go anywhere in the senate. I understand that in our democratic society we have a series of checks and measures to ensure that any legislation that becomes a law has been scrutinized by the house, senate and oval office. It went through the house unanimously! Why should there be a question on the mind of anyone in the senate whether there would be enough votes to pas it? These are our elected senators, aren’t they like sworn to hear the voice of the people that they represent or something?

The bill also states that an offense does not require proof that the assailant had knowledge that the victim was pregnant. Hart noted that murder is a leading cause of death among pregnant women and in many cases the attack is made with the intention to kill the unborn child.

I actually strongly agree with this part of the article. Being that I am pro-choice I believe that if a woman is carrying the child that she has made the decision to give birth to it. If that unborn child was killed in a purse-snatching I think whoever did it should be put to death. Not that I believe that believe that a fetus is an actual child, but I do believe that once a mother has made a decision to carry the child to term it should be considered much differently than the mother who chooses to abort a fetus. The emotional affect on the mother who was planning to give birth to a child is likely going to be exactly the same as if someone killed her newborn, in that way I think that the puishment should fit the crime.

A story about the massacre at Columbine that I am putting here only because I was so right about it.

In all, Salazar said, the sheriff’s office had at least 15 contacts with the two teens — from dispatch reports to official investigative reports — stemming from six separate incidents. But it made no conclusions about what investigators could have done differently.
The collection of evidence unveiled Thursday included 10,418 separate items — from the murder weapons and the black trenchcoats worn by the killers to bullet fragments and the chairs and tables where people died. A message board put up in a school window the day of the attack still says, in blue Magic Marker: “1 bleeding to death.” There were 13 body bags.

Authorities released two videos, one of the anxious scene in a park near the school the day of the shooting, the other the Harris and Klebold video.

“I don’t care what you say; if you ever touch him again, I will fricking kill you,” a wild-eyed Harris screams on the tape.

Some relatives say such videos were seen by school officials and that nothing was done.

“This raises more questions than it answers,” said Dawn Anna, whose daughter, Lauren Townsend, died at Columbine. “I would disagree that there was no negligence.”

Brooks Brown said he wanted to know what sheriff’s officials did with multiple warnings from his parents about Harris. He was stunned by the failure to execute the search warrant at the Harris home a year before the slayings.

“That’s basically telling me my friends died because of a clerical error,” he said.

I had posted a message on my angelfire web site the day after the Columbine Massacre (which they quickly deleted) that stated that I was pretty damn sure these kids would have been into petty crimes, and been making pipe bombs, possibly even torturing animals for years before this event. I made that statement based solely on my own adolescence and the fact that I had done all of those things. While I never brought myself to the point where I actually murdered anyone, I probably came a lot closer than I like to admit.

The things that I thought would be true about these two teens did turn out to be true. I am sure that anyone who happens upon this site will not really care that I was right about something, nor is that really the reason that I am posting about this particular story. Look at the eyes in that photo. There is something about those eyes, not the expression or anything, just the eyes, that just seems to be not quite human..

A very amusing story that I read after the previous articles. It is quite short, so I will simply quote the whole thing.

BERLIN (Reuters) – A German woman took her male neighbor to court for noise pollution after he repeatedly kept her awake through half the night and had at least one four-hour sex session, a court spokeswoman said Friday.
“Four hours of sex noises. What was I supposed to think? It was nothing but groaning and banging,” the woman told the judge, a Bild newspaper report said.

The woman told Berlin magistrates that her 25-year old neighbor Andreas G. was disturbing the peace by keeping her awake early in the morning.

Andreas said his 26-year old neighbor had complained in the past, calling at five in the afternoon, but that he had not felt obliged to respond. “I can have as much sex as loud as I want then,” he said.

The judge dropped the case on learning that the man had since moved out of the apartment.

I am not entirely sure just what the problem there is. If that man could actually have sex for four hours straight, I would think that his single neighbors would be knocking on his door looking for a little ‘Love you long time’ action. Perhaps the woman was mad after being turned down?

Bitching about the news items has turned out to be a lot more fun than I had ever thought it could be. Sure it takes away from me doing something more productive, but it is likely that if I ever develop a readership they will be more likely to send me an email about something that agree/disagree with. If I don’t have any of that sort of thing on here (the type of thing that one could agree or disagree with) I don’t have much hope of ever getting any feedback.

It occurs to me that this may be the reason why your average ‘blog’ is almost a cookie-cutter type now. People -like me- start with one intention, then in the interest of getting a few people to read the site things start to change. After a while the initial intent of the site must just get lost to the pursuit of readers. Whether or not that is true is yet to be seen (on my site anyway). I will get back to you when I have some evidence one way or the other.

For now I am going to play a bit more on the ClockTower 3 game.

Howard Stern

Well, it seems that I must break form again, as I saw yet another news item that just riles me up. whether or not anyone is reading this (or ever will) just seems to take a back seat to my desire to bitch about it. It is another issue that I am sure I would not be comfortable talking about with a random stranger on the street, yet somehow comfortable to do here, with an entire world of potential strangers to read it – yet let me say my piece first – Also, how many days in a row does one need to break from before it is the form, and by not breaking form that is breaking form?

I am reading the story through yahoo news, I will put a link to it here, but it will be gone in just a few days, so likely it is a dead link if you are looking at the page. The link.

WASHINGTON – The nation’s largest radio station chain announced Wednesday it was suspending shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show after issuing new rules to limit indecency and address criticism of what airs on TV and radio.
Clear Channel Radio said it suspended broadcast of Stern’s show after assessing the content of his show Tuesday.

“Clear Channel drew a line in the sand today with regard to protecting our listeners from indecent content and Howard Stern’s show blew right through it,” John Hogan, president and CEO of Clear Channel Radio, said in a news release. “It was vulgar, offensive, and insulting, not just to women and African Americans but to anyone with a sense of common decency.”

Yes, and shit smells a bit like shit too, doesn’t it? If you do not live in a third world country, I would think that would really be basic knowledge (the show being vulgar and offensive, I mean). In fact, I think that may actually be what he is going for with his show. I mean look at the guy FFS he is obviously not out to tell a wonderful tale about Winnie the Pooh in the 100 acre wood. He looks to be more of the Sociopath type. Though I do not think he has enough charisma to be that sort of a person, he certainly has gained an audience large enough to believe that he can.

Congress is considering increasing the maximum fine for indecency from $27,500 to $275,000, a move that the Federal Communications Commission endorsed even before the tumult over singer Janet Jackson’s exposed breast during the nationally televised Super Bowl halftime show.
“In the history of broadcast indecency, there have been these moments where it makes headlines,” said Jeremy Lipschultz, a professor of communication at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. “In the short term, broadcasters become much more careful. You’re going to see people playing it safe. The long-term problem is the same one we’ve had, which is it’s very difficult in the end to precisely define what is indecent or not. ”

Under FCC rules and federal law, radio stations and over-the-air television channels cannot air material containing references to sexual and excretory functions between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m., when children may be tuning in. The rules do not apply to cable and satellite channels and satellite radio.

So there is proof of ‘Freedom of speech, and expression’ in action. You can say whatever the hell you want to as long as you are absolutely alone at the time. No one can see, or hear, what you are doing or else you might be found to be in violation of FCC terms. I Love this country.

Like everything else in life, you have a choice. If you don’t want to Hear about women wearing g-strings and being provocative. Don’t. I stressed the word hear in the last sentence for the single reason that it is something that was heard. When my little virgin ears learned about sex, it was in about 1980 and I heard it from an eight year old kid at school (which is, I think, where most of us do learn about it). Do we assume that the kids today will simply quit telling stories if they had not seen a VERY UNAPPEALING portion of Janet Jackson’s breast? How did it happen that kids sneaking into dad’s bedroom to look at the playboy magazines has turned into this battle over what is decent to talk about on the radio?

If the point that you are going for is for children to never have sex, you should just go ahead and kill yourself now, that is never going to happen. Children (from any species) realize that they have genitals and a strange desire to do things they had never previously done at exactly the point when their body is able to produce a healthy child. The age at which that is happening is getting smaller and smaller due to medical procedures that can support the infants who would have previously died due to being too small (or the mother that had to have a C-section to make the birth happen).

My wife and myself are 27 and 29 (respectively) and do not desire to have a child for a lot of reasons. She has to see a doctor, with a happy hand, once a year to meet these ends, she makes that sacrifice to keep us from having a child. We are both very stable in work and just not in desire of the kind of responsibility that comes with a child.

The people that actually have the children, though, seem to never spend a second with them and try to blame t.v. and the radio for their shortcomings as parents….Way to make a stand…. Sure he/she (the child) saw something happen on t.v. and as such will never want to live in a t.v., but the odds that he got his idea to actually beat his wife probably came from home, as well as the idea that he wanted to do drugs, smoke, all that kind of stuff.

If you really feel that Howard Stern is the beginning in the descent into the lungs of hell, you really need to get some medication…Also, since it is just a radio show, you could monitor what your children are listening to, but, that would require actually paying attention to your children then, wouldn’t it. I guess that is why people don’t want this stuff on the air, because they collectively just don’t care enough aboout their own children to make sure that they are safe. I know that my parents were with me every damn second (well, sometimes mom had to pee, but beyond that.)

You should blame yourself if your child is a hellion, Howard Stern’s radio show had nothing to do with it. If you believe that his show was a contributing factor, you are in such deep denial that you should be put to death, for the sake of your children.

As an addendum, I really hate Howard Stern, as such I just do not listen to his show. How hard is that?

Gay marriage; Dinner with relatives

In a fashion that is quite unlike me, I am going to do a news item here today, I am then going to comment on it, and it is also political. I hope I don’t sound like the uneducated oaf that I really am.

The article can be found Here. The center of it appears to be about gay marriage, but the actuality of that I think may be far different.

Bush’s call for a gay-marriage amendment came as the president sought to regain his footing after he was thrown on the defensive about issues ranging from his Vietnam-era military record to missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news – web sites ).
“After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence and millennia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization,” the president said.

Answering Bush, Kerry said, “All Americans should be concerned when a president who is in political trouble tries to tamper with the Constitution of the United States at the start of his re-election campaign.”

“I believe the best way to protect gays and lesbians is through civil unions,” Kerry said. “I believe the issue of marriage should be left to the states”

What Bush said is just absolute crap. I mean honestly, if one must ‘Ammend’ the constitution to say that it is illegal for gay people to marry, that means that the constitution must be ‘changed’ to make that into a law. As for the part about “after more than two centuries of American jurisprudence” (which is a word he obviusly had to look up), exactly what ‘jurisprudence’ is he talking about? To my knowledge there have not been a lot of cases in court over the last two-hundred years that involved gay marriages. Even if there had been, I don’t really see how he could be trying to use that as a point today. I mean if you want to go back over the ‘jurisprudence’ of this country, you must also keep in mind that the people in Salem killed a lot of innocent people based on the testimony of three children who were being spoken to by spirits. Had the courts used that as a precedent, I think that the ‘Son of Sam’ would not have gone to prison for his killings, since he was being spoken to by the spirits also.

The judicial system, much like religion, place way to much on what has happened before, regardless of the validity of it. After all, it did take an ‘ammendment’ to abolish slavery. If they had just gone by what was written in the constitution we would all still either own, or work on a plantation in the South. Were they correct in adding this ‘ammendment’? Hell yes. Should there have been a need to? It seems so. The problem is that humans are keenly aware of now, but not so aware of the future. When those guys were hanging out drinking ale and talking about how the nation would be when they were in charge I am sure that they missed a few details along the way. But, homosexuality is as old as the constitution for sure, and probably goes back to the beginning of human history -to the time long before man actually understood how to conceive, and as such were likely just looking for any warm spot to put it.- And yes, that means that homosexuality pre-dates the bible, and that being the case I am not sure how one could use any biblical or judicial means to try to battle the sanctity or legality of it.

What comes into mind now is the religious nuts who will say that GOD made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. As per my previous statement, that is utter bullshit. Without going into an atheist lecture, I will just say that human life pre-dates the bible’s EDEN by at least 50,000 years. So if GOD did make adam and eve and put them there, he was putting them onto a happily populated planet that likely already had rampant homosexuality and did not see a thing wrong with it. Fast-Forward to the time of the Greeks, there was a lot of homosexuality there, though no marriage, just like a teacher/student relationship with benefits (for the teacher at least), and this was still the status quo. In fact, the more I think about it the HOMOPHOBIA (I mean sanctity of marriage) didn’t really come into being until well after the founding of the United States. If it was that big an issue when they wrote the constitution, don’t you think they would have thrown something in there about it? We are talking about the same people who said that the control of the militia over land, water and sky would be in their control(two hundred years before flight was even thought about). Yet, butt bashing somehow didn’t make it on there.

I have gone way off topic here. My point is that you should not try to use ancient documents to try to validate your point of view (I used to enjoy mentioning to christians that the bible states that in order to atone for your sins you must spill the blood of a sheep on an altar unto god. – they are quick to point out that when the blood of Jesus was spilled it was for all of our sins- but what if I was taking that book as literal, and I hadn’t gotten that far in the book yet? Boy, I would have been embarassed.

The reason that I quoted four paragraphs from that initial article is that I am now scared for the direction of our country. We all know that Bush is so right-wing that he has to have some tether to keep him from falling off, but when the leading Democrats are opposing same sex marriages what the hell are you supposed to do? This year will be the third time I have cast a vote for the President, and the first one didn’t really count. The last two elections I did a sort of “lesser of two evils” approach to my selection, and it worked wonderfully, except the elected president is still living on a ranch somewhere while we have a Kook in the white house.

The Gay Marriage issue just hit at the wrong time. I am sure that if this was not an election year the republicans would have gotten something slipped through congres to make it just go away. Now, the Democrats have to not want gay marriage also, and that is unfortunate. I try to believe that an elected leader would be more likely to do what is right for the majority of the country, the sad fact is that the majority of the country does not vote. The people who do vote are the very rich, very right- wing conservatives that I would as soon kill as look at. Thus we end up with tax breaks for the very, very rich, while at the same time raising taxes for the ‘rich but not quite as rich’, then giving a tax break to the welfare families…and tripling the deficit. As much as I hate Clinton, and also keeping in mind that he was in office during the technology boom, we had a budget surplus while he was in office, but we weren’t just running around the world looking for countries to declare war on while he was in office either. -countries that the U.S. could destroy, then give huge contracts to Bush’s oil field buddies to repair at a 500% inflated cost- ‘Hiel Bush’

Well, not a lot really happened today. I woke up, went to work, and busted my ass to try to get close enough to done with all of my work that I would be able to get off at 4 so that I could make it to dinner with some of my relatives. That all went as planned, thankfully.

I mentioned in yesterday’s update that these are people that I have not seen in at least fourteen years, and one of them could not even remember me from my father’s/her brother’s funeral. It was not icy at all though. We, my family, seem to be blessed with a really great sense of humor, so after it had all been silent for a minute or so someone just started to speak. It was an anecdote from long in the past, and involving my father, and happened long before I was born, but after that, it was like it was just yesterday that we had all done this last.

The dinner really went quite well, I even ended up with like three magazines about the London Bridge (the original one that they moved to Lake Havasu), and as it turns out the guy who moved that bridge over here is a Great Uncle of mine. So where is my paycheck?…

At any rate, I have spoken to these Aunts of mine only on rare occasions since my dad died. I had not seen either of them since 1990, but it was like we had never been apart (with the possible exception of the fact that the last time I saw them I barely had pubic hair, now I have gray hair, one gained a lot of weight, one lost a lot of weight, okay so you could tell by appearances that it had been that long, but the minds still work the same.)

What really surprised me was how well my mother was getting along with them. These are my Father’s siblings, yet they still had the stories to tell -which no one else at the table got- and they laughed like teen-agers. I found that surprising only because it had been more like 20 years (not counting dad’s funeral) since they had seen each other.

My wife was able to get involved by poking a bit of fun at me, which I don’t mind, and it got her into a conversation where it would have been her around damn near a dozen people that she didn’t know. I have long said you have to pick one that has both the mind and the wit – I actually believe that what I said was that you have to make sure she has the mind at the top and the elevator to get it there- at any rate, my relatives were hugging her at the end of the night.

If I had the kind of charisma that I could walk into a room and people would just gather around me, I might use that power to an evil end. Actually, I would definitely use that power to an evil end, I would just have to go on-line and see what ends are available for that particular power. If the powers don’t have x-ray vision I might not even care.

As it turns out, one of the relatives lives in Mesa (which is only about 45 minutes from here) and we were getting along quite well, to the point that he was setting up jokes and I was knocking them down. If he is this close, I am sure that we could -combined- sucker some of the other 5 aunts/uncles down here to at least say hello. I guess I will find out on the 6th of May, as yet another Uncle will be in the area and he wants to spend a day with me and the other guy in question. I want to get my brother (who is a year older and another 45 minutes away) to come up for what is turning into a boy’s day out kind of thing. The Uncle (who is really only a few years older than I am) is trying to make us go play golf, which I have never done and who knows I might like it.

The dinner went well for all involved. Unless my wife is just lying to make me happy, but, as previously stated, she knows how to get into a conversation, then take it over, then start issuing sub-conversations for you to work on as a group. Well, she didn’t do that, but if it had gone on longer, she likely would have started assigning tasks. That’s my woman.

Clocktower 3; Relatives

Well, I had a run going for a while where I was actually doing an update every day, even on days when I got off work late, and may have been better off to not do one. Then just out of nowhere I miss two updates in a weekend. Not that it really matters, I mean I am not sure if there is any point to this site at all, I guess if anything it is just sort of a watered down journal, I mean it is not like I am going to put anything too private up here, just in case someone actually does happen to mis-type an address badly enough that they end up here.

There were two major driving factors in why I missed doing an update yesterday, the first is another video game that the wife bought for me. The game is ClockTower3, I also went and found a trailer for it, but it is a download thing and I don’t want to link to it from here, but let me say that the trailer is really pretty cool, if you have the time to do a quick google search for it (clocktower 3 trailer). It is not the type of game that is for everyone. There are a lot of movie sequences compared to how much you are in control of the character. But, when you are in control it does make your heart pound a bit as you are trying to get far enough away from the killer to hide. I really like the game, though I may be the only one on the entire internet that does.

This game might work better as a movie, but that would require removing choice, and making it into a movie, which was not the goal. The artwork is beautiful, the cut-scenes tell the story, and it is just your goal to stay alive and reveal it all. I played the first ‘Clocktower’ and it was a bit cheesy with the cartoonish graphics and inability to use certain objects when you really need to. The third installment of this game is really cool. I doubt that there is any replay value at all, unless, of course, you just want to see if you can beat your previous best time to find your way to the end.

Meet the Relatives:

Through the random fluctuations of time and space, it has become possible for me to have a dinner with my dad’s twin sister, and one of my other Aunts tommorrow night. It was really quite a production to get all of the schedules set to where we could meet at a restaurant at the same time, but we overcame that obstacle and will be dining tommorrow night at roughly this time.

These are people that I have not seen since my dad’s funeral (back in 1990) and I can hardly remember a few of the people that are going to be there. I am happy about the thought of seeing them all again, but unsure as to how much I will enjoy it. As I said, these are people that I have not seen in more than a decade, and even back then we didn’t exactly exchange secrets. Dad would take us to visit these people just long enough for us to learn their names and then we were gone.

I know that we seemed to visit his twin sister a lot more than the rest of his sisters, but I don’t know why. Similarly, I don’t know if some of the other siblings had something against my father that they will continue to hold against his offspring. Perhaps this is why families just do not get together as often as they should. Your family is, after all, a part of your heritage, a part of what makes you be, well you, really.

After dinner tommorrow, I may be able to offer a bit more insight into this, but for now I am just not sure enough to venture an opinion.

Math; Unknown Gender

No update yesterday. God was said to have rested on the seventh day, so I tripled his run! This megalomaniac thing is really fun…

I went ahead and finished formatting all of the poetry to actually be able to load today. This might not mean much to you, but it does to me, I completed a project! I can’t even remember the last time that I ever completed a project that wasn’t work related. I did complete this one though, and that gives me a bit of spirit about completing other site related projects. Of course I am all out of steam for completing such projects for the day, so I will just blab on about various crap.

The previous paragraph was exactly as far as I got with doing an update yesterday. I started to do a bit of a rant on a subject that I was even bored with, and at length just gave up completely. There is no reason why I have to do this on a daily basis, especially since my readership at current is about three people. I would like to think that my decision to not post yesterday was a good one in the respect that since I knew what I was going to post was crap I just did not post it. That was a real first for me. Normally I just go by a ‘good enough’ kind of radar, and what I had written yesterday fell well below that line. Will this mean that I won’t post absolute crap in the future? Not by any stretch of the imagination. But, I did have that brief moment of clarity..

Now for a bitch, then I am not sure where I am going to go with the last segment. I know the topic, but my opinions keep changing even as I am typing this.

1=1, 100-99=1
This is something that really irritates me, possibly only becuase I work in retail, but I would still find it irritating regardless of my profession. Like the little bold statement up there says, 1=1. That is, of course a very obvious statement, but for some reason that truth gets distorted when persons (who must be way below average on IQ) that I am teaching how to use a cash register get involved…I don’t even want to go into the complex 2=2 theory with them, or they might just have their head explode and die on the spot….Then I would have to mop it up….Anyway….

An average cash register will give you a total at the end of a transaction. The customer will be required to pay that amount. For my purposes I am going to use 1 dollar. So, let us say that the cash register says, “Total $1.00” -that is american, of course and I believe that even if the total were in euros or shekkels the point would remain the same- The customer hands you a $1.00 dollar bill. You type in $1.00 then hit the cash/tendered/received/whatever key, the drawer opens and it tells you to give the customer no change. End of transaction.

Now we throw in the screwball. Let us say that in the previous transaction the cashier hit the 1 key, then accidentally hit the ‘double-zero’ key twice. That would mean that the cashier had entered $100.00 in cash tendered for a $1.00 transaction. This would be a horrible thing, if not for the fact that the register tells you how much change to give back. The register would tell you to give $99.00 back, if you have even a bit of competence you would not give any change back, and that is what will usually happen when a trainee is faced with this situation. Then their logic gets fuzzy…

A typical trainee reaction will be, “My register is going to be $99.00 short because I hit $100.00 and he only gave me $1.00.” My stock reaction to this (the fact that I have a stock reaction to this is a testament to the ineptitude of your average high school graduate) is, “Did you give them any change back?” The answer is always no. So the till is in balance, but I have to spend way too much time explaining it. Sometimes they are so scared that they will show up short that they leave a note for the boss, just in case.

I think that the way I explain it is pretty simple, but if you know of a better way email me, since they just never get it when I explain it like this:

The total amount of the transaction was one dollar. If you type in one dollar, the register adds one dollar to your daily total. If you type in one-hundred dollars, the register adds one-hundred dollars to your daily total, then subtracts the ninety-nine dollars from the total that it told you to give back as change. 100-99=1, 1=1, any questions. It seems so simple….

I watched a show today on the “The Learning Channel”. The particular show was Incrdible Medical Mysteries: Gender Unknown . The link to that page is there only because that is where I found the title of the show. The sad truth of it is that I would really have liked to have seen the same show on PBS. This particular show was about transgender babies and how they grow up. The channel that I saw it on (I thought) was kind of spinning it in a bad way for the parents of children who have this affliction. PBS tends to show the actual facts without trying to tug at the heart-strings.

If you had clicked on the link for the Learning channel, you would have seen that there was absolutely no information there about this affliction, only a time that it was playing. That was all the information that I could find on their site about it. I fired up google, and my opinion about this matter changed quite rapidly.

My first impression (from the limited information that I got from the show) was that the children who were born with a partial penis and one testicle, as well as an ovary and a fallopean tube, could function noramlly as a male or a female. The sad truth, it seems, is that the testoserone from the testical makes the body incapable of producing estrogen. That said, it means that if the trans gender baby has a testicle, and you remove it, there will be no estrogen or testosterone. Net result would be that the baby would then have to take pills for life to balance their inner system.

Prior to finding that last bit of information, I was thinking that it would be more aesthetically pleasing for the genetalia to appear to be either male or female. Then I read a few pages from this site , and I kind of don’t really know which way to lean on this now.

After having seen that show, and doing a bit of cursory searching on the internet, I was thinking that it would be in the best interest of the child to make him/her appear to look like a him or a her. I had based my initial intention on that alone. Yet, if that child was allowed to grow up and live with a 4cm penis and one testicle, as well as an ovary and a fallopean tube, then make the decision for his/herself later in life…What would the point really be?

I suppose that if you were able to take your choice of gender that would make you feel more in control. But, if you were born with half of each gender how or why would you ever choose in the first place? Pre or post-operation you are going to be someone that gets looked at all too often in the locker- room. It is human nature to be curious about the unknown. I would like to think, though, that we are open minded enough to accept someone who is a bit different…

I place way to much faith in humanity though…

Morrowind; amusing acendotes

So I went ahead and spent a bit more time playing Morrowind tonight. I still don’t have a real concrete impression of the game. The graphics (as I stated in a previous update) are just awesome. It is by far the best game I have ever seen as far as graphics are concerned. The game play is a bit hit and miss though. If you happen to have an item in your inventory that you can use on something in the game world you can not equip it -I am speaking about locks in particular at this point- I have a lock pick which I must equip to try to pick a lock, yet, when I found a key to open a certain lock it would not let me equip it. When I tried to physically take the key from my inventory and click it on the lock, I dropped it on the ground…Through various guess and check methods I was able to find out that if you had something in your inventory that would unlock an otherwise inaccesible area it would do it on its own……..Way to go Mr. No Info Owner’s Manual……

After that minor set-back I charged in to the fight. I would tell you exactly how long the fight lasted, but my watch does not have milliseconds on it, and there were only about three of them that passed before I was seeing a screen asking if I would like to load my previous save. I am all for better AI to make the game more challenging and all, but I died before I could even see that S.O.B., and he was behind me, so I had to turn around -that means that I quit running- so by the time I caught a glimpse of the guy I was already dead.

I used the Google to find out what the hell I was doing wrong, but found that you are supposed to get your ass kicked for a long time (20-30 hours by one estimate) before you can actually start to advance the story line (well get the quests activated that do anyway).

It was at the same site that I found that you do not get levels by killing things. You get levels by advancing your skills in …literally everything… Once you have increased any of your base skill levels by 10 points (that is, any skill that you possess that goes up by one point will take away from the 10 points that you need to get to reach the next level.) I have so far increased my acrobatics by about 4 points, my mercantile by 2, so I must be getting close. I would love to increase my killing with the weapon skill, but the thing is that, in this game, once you kill it, it is dead. Like forever, it will never respawn. You can’t simply quit and restart the game, ’cause it is already dead, and never comes back. That will ..hopefully.. be a very good thing later in the game.

If you had ever tried to play Everquest on a system as archaic as mine, I am sure that you would certainly love the graphics in this game. The fact that it is not an MMORPG, but just a cRPG may be the reason that it hit the market with a heavy ‘thud’.

They have made a world far too immense to take in or conquer with a single character, yet, that is the only option I see available. If you had the option of having friends lending their abilities in certain situations, this game would be a lot better. Similarly, if you had a single button that would attack with a single motion (as opposed to the attack happening when you release the button as it is now.) That would also improve the gameplay.

I guess the next few years will see which direction the company that made this game will go. They are certainly heavy-weights with the graphics, and I am sure that they are the first company ever to offer the mmorpg thing in a single player format -WHICH DOES NOT WORK- but they may make the next ‘Myst’ for all I know.

The Daily Bitch

The daily bitch today will not be an actual bitch, but two anecdotes. The good news is that neither of them involve my childhood and as such this should go pretty smoothly.

The First

This one will go about a sentence deep until you figure out the end, but I laughed long and hard about it. That was because the person involved told me, so if this is an urban legend of some type, just give me a call.

So, (I will call her Kay) Kay was nervous about a date that she had invited to her house. She really liked the guy, but was not entirely sure how he would take the fact that she had a child. She decided to open the bottle of wine a bit early – to calm her nerves-. She could not find a cork- screw, so she figured she would just break the neck off of the bottle. She went outside to break the neck off of the bottle -so that she would not stain her carpet-. Once she broke the neck off of the bottle, much of the shattered glass fell back inside the bottle. She decided that she would strain the wine through a cloth and still use it. She fastened a cloth to the end of the broken bottle, and poured the fifty dollar bottle of wine down the drain….Shortly after she realized what she had done and (even though she was blonde) thought that it was really funny and wanted to spread the word.

The Second I will leave the intro a bit short, just understand that I hate this guy….Anyway, I am walking down to get my mail one day, and I see this car. It must be like a ’72 or ’73 Ford LTD. The material on the top of the car has been eaten away by time and replaced by rust, the car has at least 3 different colors on the quarterpanels. If this is not a stolen car, it should be in the junkyard. It really makes the car the blues brothers drive look like factory quality…

Anyway, I was walking down to the post office the other day, and I saw this guy locking “The Club” onto that piece of shit. I laughed for a long time about that, I mean it is funny. Yet, today when I was telling one of our distrubutors about it, he suggested that the guy might be putting the club on the car to make sure that he doesn’t lose the club.

I had never thought of the possibility that your car could be worth less than your security decvice, but in this case, it was certain. I am not sure if that was the angle he was going for or not. I have a simple rule. If it sounds fake, or looks fake, it is likely fake. I guess he should thank his stars that I was not his insurance agent…

Meta; Child beating

So, I got off work late again today. By late I mean 8 p.m. which I know isn’t really all that late, but it generally does keep me from doing a damn thing other than just going to work and then coming home. Once home, I generally get on-line and check my emails and the such. Read a page or two and the next thing I know it is damn near 10 p.m. I suppose that I should have grown used to this by now, but I still haven’t.

Where I work is not really like your average job. That is, I generally know when I am supposed to show up for work, but I kind of only know ‘ballpark’ when I will be going home. Sometimes the shift is 9a.m-8p.m., sometimes it is 11a.m.-6p.m., and then just when I get used to it they change it. Frequently, people ask me how I have managed to work under these circumstances for so long, and I am not entirely sure if I really have an answer for that question. It is not like I make a boatload of money for working there, but, I do make significantly more than minimum wage. If I were to try to find a different job I would have to start back at the bottom again, and work my way to where I am now -where the chain of command goes Owner->Me->everyone else.- I will simply say that it pays the bills and leave it at that.

My site has a new reader! That reader is my wife, and I am quite happy about that, but I must admit that knowing that she was reading led me to re-read all of the past updates to make sure that I did not have too much profanity in them for her to be able to read them at work. The good news is that I can only find 3 instances where I used the ‘F-word’, I did not have to change a single past update -or I didn’t whether I should have or not- because of this, but I still have not changed the page layout on the original ten or so updates that will currently not load -or load incorrectly- on many systems. Like everything else, the more I think about it, the more I think I should. And, with that particular problem I am talking about having to change 12 or so files, though I doubt that anyone will ever be clicking back that far into past updates (with the exception of the FBI and CIA when the Shadowtwinian’s overthrow the government).

I mentioned above that I had read back through all of my previous updates, which I did, and I can tell you that I was quite happy with what I saw/read. I started with the first update, which was just all over the place, and ended with yesterday’s update. It appears to me that I am getting a whole lot better at keeping on track, and getting a point across, than I used to be. Like everything else on this site, that is open to debate.

I hope to get better at this sort of thing with every passing day. My goal is to be able to write this thing on the fly, then read it the next day, without my eyes rolling about any statement that I made. It is getting closer, but I do not know if I will ever get it just right. I guess time will tell…(I did notice that I have a habit of saying, “suffice to say”, that I found just a bit annoying, and I will try to break that habit, other than that though.)…

Child Beating

The first thing that I have to say here is that I was abused as a child, and I don’t think that any child should have to go through that. The second thing that I have to say here is that punishment does not equal abuse…If your child is playing with matches, and burns down your house, do you say, “That was bad, don’t do it again.”? I certainly wouldn’t, and I would like to think that the majority of the people in the world would agree with me on that point.

Children are literally like clay, they can be molded. If you teach them to fetch the newspaper, they will do it (even though that is a stereotypical dog’s job). Whatever you teach a child will remain with the child for his/her entire life. That has a double-edge though. If you did not teach the child something, they will do whatever they feel like doing in a situation (not having your guidance).

The first four years of a child’s life seem to be when all of these reflex responses are set, but they need to be modified with time. That is, when the child is four years old, you don’t yet need to teach him/her not to play with matches, since they don’t have the desire or the access to the matches. A few years later, however, they will have the desire and be tall enough to reach whatever cabinet the matches are in. In my experience, verbal scolding works from birth to about 5 years old, then skips a lot of years until it becomes active again in the mid-twenties -in the form of guilt-.

Sometime within that time-frame there must be spanking. If your child is seven, and has just burned down his second office building, it is time to try a tactic other than the, “I am disappointed in you” approach. The problem therein is that someone will try to say that you are abusing your child if you slap them on the ass.

Well my case study (that is, I have been watching lots of people with children whe happen into the store where I work) shows that the parents who give their children a hearty slap on the ass when they are doing wrong end up with far better behaved children. I am not talking about for the duration of the shopping that day either, I mean that I have seen them go from 5 years old to fifteen and they are well behaved.

Similarly, I have seen the parents who just say, “no, childname”, and have to do it over and over again over the course of the ten or twelve minutes that they are in the store. Is spanking better than ‘verbal enforcement’? YES. Does that necessarily equate to the child growing up to be the next GACY? Probably not, but it does equate to better behaved children, and the world is in lack of decently behaved children today.

I believe that you should slap the child on the ass on occasion, that will help the child to learn right from wrong. I can personally remember damn near every instance in my life where I got a spanking, but for the life of me I can’t remember the pain from it. I think that is the goal, to teach the lesson, and if I can remember what happened when I was 5 because of an ass-slap then I say, “Do it”.

I did open this whole thing up saying that I thought that punishment did not equal abuse. I will elaborate just a bit here. I do believe that it is okay to spank a child on the ass to teach the child a lesson. I do not believe that it is okay to bring a closed fist in contact with a child for any reason and that did happen -not to me, but one of my brothers- that is certainly abuse. Though the fist never touched me, I still feel that it happened to us all, in the form of fear. If that was what led my mother to leave my father for the sake of us I still don’t really know, but it was certainly the best thing that ever happened for Mom and us kids.

Why can’t I just have a damn happy story from my youth? First I am a thief, second I am from an abusive family. I definitely have to do research before I try to do another anecdote here.

Keyboard; Belly shirts

Yesterday’s update was by far the shortest in the brief history of this site. There was no real reason for that, well there was, but I don’t want to get into it, so just believe what I tell you.

I thought that this new keyboard had been doing pretty well, and it has, but I am still having some issues with a lot of it. For one, my last keyboard tapered very slowly from the desk to the keys, this one is almost rounded on the way there, it forces my wrists to be higher than they usually are when I type, and it is a bit painful. Another involves the keys to the right of the letters. Instead of having the print screen, scroll lock, and pause at the same level where the F keys are, they are right down against the insert, home, and page up keys, then after the delete, end, and page down keys, the up arrow is right there touching the end key. I am sure this will not be that difficult to get used to, the only real problem is that when I try to hit the insert key, most of the time I get the print screen, since it is exactly where the insert was on my last keyboard. Similarly, when I try to page up I am getting the pause key, while when I try to page down I am getting the page up.

Makes me wonder if I shouldn’t have just gone ahead and bought the microsoft one, since if they continue to use their format, I bet all the other companies will soon start to do it as well -regardless of how non-sensical it is. As it looks now, I am literlly going to have to learn a new keyboard every time I am required to buy one. Makes me wish I had the means to just go buy about a dozen or so of this one so I would never need to, but, even if I had the means, I am sure that in two years there wont be USB ports on computers anymore so I would just have a dozen obsolete keyboards. Technology sucks.

The last thing about the keyboard that is giving me problems is that it is new. I am sure that everyone knows that when they are new you kind of have to really mean it when you hit a key. Once you have been using it for a few years just a gentle touch will get a letter on the screen, when it is new you really have to push down to get it. It doesn’t really affect my typing speed, as I am pretty quick in that respect, but it does affect my accuracy as I will often see that I am missing about every fifth letter, but by the time I see that I have missed one letter my fingers have already thrown up a few more. It is quicker for me to just backspace and re-write the few that I delete than to try to arrow key it back, then fix the typo, then arrow key it forward.
So, bear with me over the next couple of weeks as I am breaking this thing in, there will likely be a lot of typos, and as I have previously stated I do not have the ability to spell check. As I have also stated I do not proof read before posting. I fear that if I did proof read I would change everything all around, I think that would kind of cheapen the whole concept of doing this daily update in the first place. I am not entirely sure if it would actually be possible to cheapen the daily update itself, but I would like to think so.

One other thing regarding computers and this site. I keep forgetting to change my why I’m mad today, don’t care and fun to hate things. Of course this doesn’t really matter so much at this point, since my readership is pretty much only me, I just fear that I may not get into the habit of doing them every day if I continue to wait until the rest of this is written. It was my goal to make them thematically linked to what I had written here, and since I never know what I am going to write here until I sit down and get it about 2/3 of the way done I can’t really change them in advance. If I do continue to forget to update them I will likely do them first and then try to make this section relate to them, but I think that would not work nearly as well, as I seem to write better with a blank slate than I do with a particular set of topics in mind. That being said, on to the bitching!

I was originally planning to do something about Ded Bob today. That has changed due to unforseen circumstances.

Belly Shirts

Belly shirts are a wonderful thing, if you can pull it off. There is the problem. While I was out recently, I noticed a disturbing trend… Low cut jeans with belly shirts are on the rise, as well as the relative size of people wearing them…

I saw about 10-12 women with the low-cut jeans and belly shirts on the day in question, perhaps one of them had the body to pull it off. There was one particular woman (that my wife and I spoke of later) who looked like she was, or could have been, 5-6 months pregnant that was going for that look. It certainly DID NOT WORK. Another woman who was going for this look was pulling it off, kind of, from the front, but a quick turn-and-look revealed what looked like an inner-tube hanging over the side and back of her low cut pants.

Mind you, I am in no position to bitch about fitness or the state of the body, but I did quit wearing half-shirts when what used to be a six-pack had somehow transformed into more of a keg.

If one wishes to follow a trend, one should choose a trend that is more suited to them. If one is anything other than a teen-ager, one should keep in mind that the little whores like “Britney” will not be remebered in about like 11 seconds. The ‘muscle shirt’ from the eighties lasted only about three years. Spandex made their run in like two years (though to this day I would swear that every overweight single woman that goes to the laundromat still wears them). Mesh shirts have also gone the way of the “Dodobird”. Todays fashion is tomorrow’s ‘faux-pa’.

My solution for this is simple: Become one with the Shadowtwinian’s. After that you can do as you please. I run a pretty loose religion over here, I am open to any input, as long as you don’t have 68 pounds of ass and gut hanging out of a pair of jeans and shirt that fit you back when you were like seven…


In the interest of keeping up my slothful nature, I have not done a bit of work on the site today. The reason for that is simple, ‘Morrowind’. It is not that I am totally into the game, more like I am trying to figure it out. One thing that I can say is that is has beautiful graphics (my machine is 466mhz, 256mb ram, Nvidia gforce 2). My system does not even meet the minimum requirements, yet the game really does look pretty cool.

I don’t really play a lot of games, other than diabloII, but I did do a short run on everquest. This game seems very similar to that, only you don’t have to wait for three or more hours for the monster that you are looking for to load. This game seems to me, after a few hours of playing, to forget to tell the player which way the story is going. These are things that you can find out if you talk to ‘literally’ everyone that you see as the game goes on, but I would think that the majority of gamers would rather want to know what to do next without having to jump through hoops (unless the hoops that we are jumping through result in real life threesomes).

At this, very early, point of gameplay, I will not offer an opinion. I will spend more hours on this game only because the game judged me poorly for trying to ‘steal’ an item. I wasn’t really trying to steal the item, I was just curious to see what it would let you do before it called security. I may have a further opinion on this in a few days.