Neck injury; The most adorable dog photo ever

Well, you know how one day you are at work and something bad happens and you think to yourself – or say aloud- this is the worst day of my life? I know I have sure said that a few times in my day but I can most definitely proclaim without a bit of doubt that when I said that yesterday, that statement was true, and likely will remain the pinnacle of shitty days in my life for a very long time. At this point you must be wondering what could possibly have been so bad about it, so I will tell the tale below. The day started out just as every day, I awoke and took a leisurely stroll around the perimeter of my estate, my two faithful dogs by my side. A songbird flew from a branch of the the old pine tree near the stream, it landed Continue reading Neck injury; The most adorable dog photo ever

Abortion; Columbine

I had every intention of doing an update yesterday (perhaps I should start calling it a blog?), and had found a few little news things to bitch at, and had even written them up. Then Survivor came on television, and I never got back to it. The thing about the ‘so-called’ reality shows like that is that you feel like you have to watch every minute or you will miss something, which may or may not be true, but they certainly do sucker us in. Why this kind of stuff is being called reality t.v. is still a mystery to me, I mean in reality no one really gets stuck on an island with a bunch of strangers who then have to do immunity and reward challenges. I mean reality t.v. would be like a half an hour of a couple folding clothes in a laundromat wouldn’t it? As for Continue reading Abortion; Columbine

Howard Stern

Well, it seems that I must break form again, as I saw yet another news item that just riles me up. whether or not anyone is reading this (or ever will) just seems to take a back seat to my desire to bitch about it. It is another issue that I am sure I would not be comfortable talking about with a random stranger on the street, yet somehow comfortable to do here, with an entire world of potential strangers to read it – yet let me say my piece first – Also, how many days in a row does one need to break from before it is the form, and by not breaking form that is breaking form? I am reading the story through yahoo news, I will put a link to it here, but it will be gone in just a few days, so likely it is a Continue reading Howard Stern

Gay marriage; Dinner with relatives

In a fashion that is quite unlike me, I am going to do a news item here today, I am then going to comment on it, and it is also political. I hope I don’t sound like the uneducated oaf that I really am. The article can be found Here. The center of it appears to be about gay marriage, but the actuality of that I think may be far different. Bush’s call for a gay-marriage amendment came as the president sought to regain his footing after he was thrown on the defensive about issues ranging from his Vietnam-era military record to missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (news – web sites ). “After more than two centuries of American jurisprudence and millennia of human experience, a few judges and local authorities are presuming to change the most fundamental institution of civilization,” the president said. Answering Bush, Kerry said, Continue reading Gay marriage; Dinner with relatives

Clocktower 3; Relatives

Well, I had a run going for a while where I was actually doing an update every day, even on days when I got off work late, and may have been better off to not do one. Then just out of nowhere I miss two updates in a weekend. Not that it really matters, I mean I am not sure if there is any point to this site at all, I guess if anything it is just sort of a watered down journal, I mean it is not like I am going to put anything too private up here, just in case someone actually does happen to mis-type an address badly enough that they end up here. There were two major driving factors in why I missed doing an update yesterday, the first is another video game that the wife bought for me. The game is ClockTower3, I also went Continue reading Clocktower 3; Relatives

Math; Unknown Gender

No update yesterday. God was said to have rested on the seventh day, so I tripled his run! This megalomaniac thing is really fun… I went ahead and finished formatting all of the poetry to actually be able to load today. This might not mean much to you, but it does to me, I completed a project! I can’t even remember the last time that I ever completed a project that wasn’t work related. I did complete this one though, and that gives me a bit of spirit about completing other site related projects. Of course I am all out of steam for completing such projects for the day, so I will just blab on about various crap. The previous paragraph was exactly as far as I got with doing an update yesterday. I started to do a bit of a rant on a subject that I was even bored Continue reading Math; Unknown Gender

Morrowind; amusing acendotes

So I went ahead and spent a bit more time playing Morrowind tonight. I still don’t have a real concrete impression of the game. The graphics (as I stated in a previous update) are just awesome. It is by far the best game I have ever seen as far as graphics are concerned. The game play is a bit hit and miss though. If you happen to have an item in your inventory that you can use on something in the game world you can not equip it -I am speaking about locks in particular at this point- I have a lock pick which I must equip to try to pick a lock, yet, when I found a key to open a certain lock it would not let me equip it. When I tried to physically take the key from my inventory and click it on the lock, I dropped Continue reading Morrowind; amusing acendotes

Meta; Child beating

So, I got off work late again today. By late I mean 8 p.m. which I know isn’t really all that late, but it generally does keep me from doing a damn thing other than just going to work and then coming home. Once home, I generally get on-line and check my emails and the such. Read a page or two and the next thing I know it is damn near 10 p.m. I suppose that I should have grown used to this by now, but I still haven’t. Where I work is not really like your average job. That is, I generally know when I am supposed to show up for work, but I kind of only know ‘ballpark’ when I will be going home. Sometimes the shift is 9a.m-8p.m., sometimes it is 11a.m.-6p.m., and then just when I get used to it they change it. Frequently, people ask Continue reading Meta; Child beating

Keyboard; Belly shirts

Yesterday’s update was by far the shortest in the brief history of this site. There was no real reason for that, well there was, but I don’t want to get into it, so just believe what I tell you. I thought that this new keyboard had been doing pretty well, and it has, but I am still having some issues with a lot of it. For one, my last keyboard tapered very slowly from the desk to the keys, this one is almost rounded on the way there, it forces my wrists to be higher than they usually are when I type, and it is a bit painful. Another involves the keys to the right of the letters. Instead of having the print screen, scroll lock, and pause at the same level where the F keys are, they are right down against the insert, home, and page up keys, then Continue reading Keyboard; Belly shirts


In the interest of keeping up my slothful nature, I have not done a bit of work on the site today. The reason for that is simple, ‘Morrowind’. It is not that I am totally into the game, more like I am trying to figure it out. One thing that I can say is that is has beautiful graphics (my machine is 466mhz, 256mb ram, Nvidia gforce 2). My system does not even meet the minimum requirements, yet the game really does look pretty cool. I don’t really play a lot of games, other than diabloII, but I did do a short run on everquest. This game seems very similar to that, only you don’t have to wait for three or more hours for the monster that you are looking for to load. This game seems to me, after a few hours of playing, to forget to tell the player Continue reading Morrowind